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Legitpills.com may be legit before, but since it’s not around anymore, it’s hard to say whether the shop was really legit or not. Unfortunately, the exit of the Legit Pills store was not entirely graceful – instead of the shop closing down on its own terms, the store was forcibly shut down by the government, for suspicion of selling fake medicines. Now there isn’t proof to this accusation for Legitpills.com (or at least there isn’t published proof that it was indeed a counterfeit drug seller), but the government has already taken over the Legitpills.com domain and has marked the store as a seized website.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to purchase medicines on counterfeit drug selling stores, but I pity the shops that were held by the government in contempt, especially those stores that were really good-natured and legitimate. Now, I don’t know Legit Pills personally so I can’t really say if the shop was good or not, but in behalf of good stores now shut down, I believe the government could be fairer when it comes to treating online pharmacies. In some cases, shops are forcibly shut down and seized just because they stand in the way of big pharmaceutical companies and somehow cut their online profits.

According to the information for Legit Pills, the shop was around since 2013, although its online records on the web archive were only saved in 2014. The store Legit Pills was actually “Trusted Tablets” in real life, although this wasn’t really reflected in the store’s domain name.

Regarding the products, Legit Pills sold medicines that were typical to online pharmacies, like medicines for general health, men’s health, pain relief, supplements, and more. The store did ask for the prescriptions from the users, but Legit Pills wasn’t clear about which products required prescriptions and which ones did not.

Legit Pills only accepted payments via credit card. Shipping was either $10 or $30 depending on how much the buyers were willing to spend on their orders. Legit Pills promised to reship orders or return the buyers’ payments once they were unable to receive their orders or if they have received damaged goods.

Legit Pills offered live chat before, but since the store’s now closed and seized, buyers are unable to reach the shop.

Legitpills.com Reviews

Checking the web for Legit Pills reviews, I honestly was unable to spot third-party reviews for the website. However, I checked the web archive details for this online pharmacy and I was able to spot some Legit Pills reviews on-site, although I am not too sure about their reliability.

Some of the Legit Pills reviews I’ve found were the following:

Legit Pills Reviews

Legit Pills Reviews

Although some of the reviews on Legit Pills were named, most of the comments (I think about half) were actually unnamed. Reviews for Legit Pills mostly revolved around particular themes, like for instance, the following:

  • Fast order delivery
  • Hassle-free service
  • Friendly customer support team
  • Low-cost products
  • Effective medications

I think it’s pretty good that Legit Pills had reviews for its service, but these reviews are unreliable given their on-site origin. It would have been better if the store had third-party reviews instead of these.

Legitpills.com Reviews 2018

Legit Pills was already seized way before 2018, so it was only expected that the website did not have any existing review on 2018. To be able to check up on the Legit Pills status, I tried to employ the service of a third-party assessment platform, such as Scamner.com:

Legit Pills Scamner Report

Legit Pills Scamner Report

According to Scamner.com, Legit Pills has existed since 2013 but its domain has already expired in 2015. The website was hosted in the United States, but its owner is located in Sri Lanka. Apart from these, Legit Pills was also identified as a store that lacks an SSL certificate and a potentially doubtful store due to its lack of trust records. Legit Pills is just a 0/100 according to Scamner.com.

Legitpills.com Coupon Codes

Legit Pills Coupon Codes

Legit Pills Coupon Codes

I always check for buyer coupon codes on any website I visit just to see whether the store was able to offer deals that could have helped their consumers in the past. In the case of Legit Pills, there were deals, but there were no coupon codes available. Some of the Legit Pills deals I’ve found on Legit Pills were the following:

Buyers of Legit Pills were allowed to have free pills and free shipping, but the store has several provisions for these promos. There were minimum pill purchase quantities and minimum amounts enforced for the freebies and waived shipping fee. Legit Pills was one of the less generous stores since some shops are capable of offering freebies unconditionally.


Legitpills.com is another unfortunate casualty of the Project TransAtlantic VIII, the collaboration between the US government and Europol. Sadly, there isn’t enough information to prove that Legit Pills was indeed a counterfeit drugs seller, apart from the message from the government that Legit Pills was involved in selling counterfeit products.

Since Legit Pills is now closed, buyers need to look for other online sources for their medicines, preferably stores that have been around for long and have a proven track record. Stores like the ones on our TOP Web Pharmacies fit these descriptions, so it’s great to try these stores instead of unknown online pharmacies.

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