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Copy of 728 Menhealth or otherwise named as Men’s Health Pharmacy UK, was an online drugstore that dealt primarily with men’s health medicines or what we know as impotence treatments. During my last visit to this store, however, the shop could not be found – instead of the online drugstore, I was greeted by a 404 Error message stating that the domain could not be found. There was no information on why this online drugstore has closed down, but like most online pharmacies, the shop may have closed down due to low sales volume.

There was no “about us” section on the records for the Men Health Pharmacy EU shop but the store appeared to be active from 2007 to early 2016. Despite operating for about 9 years, the store went offline in late 2016 and its domain was put up on sale by the hosting company.

This online drugstore only sold generic erectile dysfunction products which were mostly from Indian generic manufacturers like Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Centurion Laboratories, and others. Since the medicines were from these companies, medicines on Men Health Pharmacy EU were approved by the Indian FDA. Prescriptions were not needed on Men Health Pharmacy EU – which was not really surprising – so buyers were able to purchase their otherwise Rx-only impotence treatments even without the necessary Rx.

Since Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil HCl derivatives were the only ones available on Men Health Pharmacy EU, there wasn’t really much to see on Men Health Pharmacy EU. However, buyers may have used the store due to its low prices for the medicines – not really the lowest in the biz, but definitely cheaper than the local drugstore prices for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra products.

Some of the featured products on Men Health Pharmacy EU were the following:

  • Apcalis oral jelly
  • Caverta
  • Generic Tadalafil
  • Generic Tadalafil Soft
  • Erectalis
  • Eriacta 100 mg

Men Health Pharmacy EU was honest about shipping their products from India, unlike online drugstores that make the people believe that they are the source of the products. According to Men Health Pharmacy EU, it was capable of shipping internationally and through two shipping options – regular airmail and traceable delivery.

Interestingly, the shop allowed returns, but charged buyers $10 to $90 depending on the number of products in their order. As for damaged orders or missing parcels, the shop encouraged the buyers to contact its support team so refunds and replacements may be processed. Reviews

Since reviews help me determine whether a store is reliable or not, I tried to search for reviews or at least customer comments and references to this online pharmacy. Surprisingly, despite the 9-year existence of this online erectile dysfunction treatment store, the shop failed to have even one third-party review for its service.

Men Health Pharmacy EU Reviews (On-Site)

Men Health Pharmacy EU Reviews (On-Site)

Instead, the shop only had on-site reviews, which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen on other web drugstores, which means that Men Health Pharmacy EU was perhaps an affiliate marketing website as opposed to an independent web pharmacy operator.

Naturally, the reviews on Men Health Pharmacy EU were positive – customers like Mike, DN, and Brian “attested” to have received their orders on time. However, although these reviews were constructive of Men Health Pharmacy EU, I am not sure if they were really from former store clients or if they were just fabricated stories. Reviews 2018

Men Health Pharmacy EU’s domain was for sale in late 2016 so the shop wasn’t really active by 2018. What this means is that Men Health Pharmacy EU highly likely did not have reviews from customers for this year. However, the shop Men Health Pharmacy EU still kept on turning up on pharmacy association advisories, like the one from Pharmacy Checker. Coupon Codes

While coupon codes are extremely helpful to clients, the Men Health Pharmacy EU store did not have any for its consumers. The store did run one promotional offer, a conditional freebie offer to its buyers:

Free Pills from Men Health Pharmacy EU

Free Pills from Men Health Pharmacy EU

According to the promo, buyers were given 4 free pills if they order more than 10 tablets. On the one hand, if their orders go beyond 60 pills, clients were given 10 freebie pills. Honestly, I found this deal underwhelming since I am used to stores being generous to their clients and offering a host of offers like unconditional free pills and free shipping, return buyer discounts, referral discounts, and so on.


Men Health Pharmacy EU is now inaccessible and I found out that the shop was offline not only this year but since 2016. Unlike most online pharmacies, this web drugstore offered a leaner product line-up and only sold generic impotence treatments. What I like most about Men Health Pharmacy EU was its honesty – the store was straightforward about its products being sourced from and shipped out of India, unlike most drugstores that make buyers believe that their items come from the US or Canada. Sadly, Men Health Pharmacy EU did not have reviews, so up to this point, I am really unsure whether the shop was reliable back then or not.

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