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Online was an online pharmacy that managed to operate on the web for a length of ten (10) solid years, selling generic medicines to its customers on the web from different parts of the world. Its site was popular back in the day due to its affordable medicine prices and many people loved ordering from its site because of the great savings opportunity that it offered. What it primarily sold were generic medicines and these were drugs that had the same effects as the expensive drug brands but had prices that were 80-90% cheaper than local drugstores.

As people would notice, the domain name of shows that its site was hosted from India, a country that is home to a great number of pharmaceutical companies. India was a great producer of generic drugs and what simply did was it made the India-produced generics available on its website for people to access. Drug prices were not the same for all countries and sadly, drugs were costly in many parts of the world. helped many people obtain their meds for lesser prices on its website and it became one of the most used online pharmacy on the web during its time.

It started out in the business back in the year 2007 and the year that it closed down was 2017. Nobody thought that would close down but it did and no one knows why. It didn’t leave any notice on its website before disappearing nor did it give any hints before it vanished. simply ceased to exists for reasons that were unknown up to this day and it left many of its customers shocked and scratching their heads.

The people who used the generics which were sold by never noticed its difference to the branded drugs as these had the same active ingredients which made them similarly effective. All of the products of were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the assurance that its customers had that their products were safe and effective to use. The companies where sourced its meds from were Good Manufacturing Practice-certified, manufacturers which have been sanctioned by the World Health Organization as adherent to the international quality standards.

If was excellent with its products and its pricing for its meds, its customer service was also commendable. Its hotlines were open and available 24/7 back in the day and it has provided ample assistance to the customers that needed them. The hotlines that it made available for its US callers were +1 800 532 4808 and +1 718 313 1498. For its clients from the UK, the number that it gave was +44 200 222 7084. People who were without means for calling these numbers were still able to reach its customer service department through its live online support and through email correspondence on its Contact Us page.

The product selection that had were not as complete as what the local pharmacies had but it sold the most popular and frequently-purchased meds on the market. On its site, what immediately greeted its visitors was its bestsellers list which was located on the center of its webpage. And what made the most part of their bestsellers were drugs that were used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and these were the generic versions of the popular ED brands like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. sold these meds at very low prices which only ranged from $1 to $4 USD each pill. At the local drugstores, these medicines were so costly that a single pill were sold at an average price of $75 USD, a price that not all can afford. Reviews

Since had no third-party reviews, what we would be using for review analysis would be the ones that were on its site. As much as we wanted to use the third-party testimonials for as reference on this section, the search results have yielded no workable information. The ones that were from its website are still reviews but they’re not as good as the third-party ones due to the possibility that these might have already been edited by the people who managed the review section of Nevertheless, let’s take a look at these reviews and see what the customers have said.

Online-pharmacy User Reviews

The reviews above were provided by three anonymous customers and starting with the first, the user was thankful to for the reliable service that it has given as well as the four (4) free sample pills. The user also shared the uncertainties that he had with ordering meds online before but he was happy that he found and he has already recommended its site to his friends.

The next review was from a customer who was simply pleased with the experience that he had with The user might have managed to save a lot of money on his medicine purchase from its site that he looked forward to returning again for his next order.

As for the last review, what the user has commended was the product that he has bought from and it was Viagra. He only gave a brief comment where he said that he was “straight-up” satisfied. Reviews 2018 no longer have any reviews as its site has already been closed for a long while. The only way to access its old website is to visit the web archives and search for its domain name. There, the users would find its old reviews section where the user reviews from a while ago were taken. Coupon Codes gave its customers the chance to have their orders’ shipping fees waived as long as they had orders whose amount totaled to over $150 USD. Aside from this offer, it also added ED pills to its customers’ orders free of any charges.

Online-pharmacy Free Shipping

Conclusion was an online pharmacy who sourced its products only from manufacturers and pharma companies in India. Its products were cheap and of good quality, the qualities that made it popular among its clients. Its site has already closed down long ago but customers would still find similarly great online pharmacies at our list of recommended providers.

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