Privacy Policy

Everyone has their right to privacy. We enforce that here on our platform and make sure that our users preserve their privacy while navigating our website. In view of this, we promise our consumers the best online experience without compromising their private information.

In order to preserve the privacy of our users, we do not collect private information from them, such as information for their bank accounts, social security number, or address. While we may ask for our users’ email address and phone number, we will only use the information to contact you regarding offers or special updates (for instance, changes to our terms and conditions). We will never share your personal information with third-parties and will never sell your sensitive personal information with other vendors or third parties.

Data Collection

Like most websites, our platform collects log files from our users. When you visit our website, you agree to share bits of data log files so we can make your experience better. You’re not sharing personal information – you are sharing technical information like your IP address, your ISP or internet service provider, your browser type (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and the pages you have formerly visited.

Web Cookies

No, it’s not the one you eat – data cookies are bits of data sent by websites (like ours) to your computer so you can gain access to specific parts or functions of our website. Web cookies optimize user browsing experience (not only on our site but on all websites) hence the need for users to use cookies while browsing.

Using our platform automatically indicates that you agree with the use of cookies. Cookies help you browse our website faster, give you access to special features on our website, and even make you browse our site easier thanks to the fast recognition of your IP address on our website.

Apart from regular cookies, we also use DART cookies from our use of Google Double Click Ad service. DART cookies function like a dart – these cookies help us make ads more targeted for our users. Because your behavioral data is available through your log files (we’ve discussed this on the previous segment), we can send you specialized advertisements that are relevant to what you need. For instance, if you reside in Atlanta, you will receive ads perhaps from local stores and restaurants there or receive notifications for prime real estate near you.

Like we’ve said, DART cookies only use your former log files you’ve agreed to share with us while you browse our site, so DART cookies can never unearth your financial information, personal information, social security number, bank account number, and other sensitive details.

Can I Choose not to Allow Cookies?

Of course! You can opt out of cookies, not only on our site but wherever you browse online. While this is possible, every website in the world are running cookies to make your browsing experience better, so it is perhaps unwise to opt out of cookies. Yes, you can opt out from these data bits but it may hamper your otherwise excellent online experience.

You can opt out of cookies by manually disabling them in your browser (visit settings) and listing the websites which you want to block. You can still visit the sites you opt out cookies from, but you may be unable to access their key features because cookies can help you maximize any website’s function.

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