120mg.com Review – An Online Pharmacy with Biased Customer Reviews


120mg.com was an internet pharmacy that says they were the number one Canadian online pharmacy during their time. There was no clear information as to when they started but their online license says they had it from 2004 to 2016. This internet drugstore was from Canada as their tagline indicates.

The website of 120mg just looks like other online pharmacies. They had a list of medical categories they catered to, a search box where customers can search for the medicine they need and an alphabet at the top where customers can search for the medicine they need by using its first letter. This e-store offered different drugs for different needs and among the popular medications they had were for erectile dysfunction, pain, depression, hypertension, diabetes, hair loss, and weight loss.

120mg.com had a bestsellers list on their main page. It is a list of products that were often bought from the store. Included in the list were medicines such as Viagra for $0.36 per pill, Cialis for $0.76 per pill, and Levitra for $1.2 per tablet. They also offered female Viagra for $079 per tablet and female Cialis for $1.04 per pill but these were under the women’s health category.

Other medications under the bestsellers list were branded Viagra, branded Cialis, Tadapox, Sildalis, Dapoxetine, Extra Super Cialis/Viagra/Levitra, Malegra FXT/DXT and Cialis/Viagra/Levitra Super Active. They also offered Cialis/Viagra/Levitra Soft, Kamagra Effervescent, and a regular Kamagra tablet. Other bestselling medications that 120mg offered were Clomid, Nolvadex, Lexapro, Amoxil, Prednisone, Lasix, and Celadrin.

During their run, this e-store accepted credit card for payment. Once the payment was approved by the bank, the order will be sent to the warehouse for fulfillment and packaging. Customers of this e-dispensary were able to choose between having their order delivered via Airmail or EMS. Airmail delivery costs $10 with a delivery period of up to 21 days. EMS costs twice the Airmail Shipping with a shortened delivery time of up to eight days only.

Unsatisfied customers of 120mg were advised to contact their support team. Refund and reshipping of orders were allowed provided that the reasons were valid. Such concerns must be reported immediately to the care team according to their FAQ page. In terms of privacy, all orders were packed discreetly. This e-store also promises that they do not practice the selling of information hence a customer’s personal data such as credit card numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers remain confidential, safe, and secure.

There was one way of contacting 120mg and that was thru their contact us page.

120mg.com Reviews

For customer reviews, we are unable to find reviews for 120mg.com from reliable third-party review websites. What we found were reviews from their own testimonial page. Here are some of the reviews we found.


120mg.com Reviews

Based on the reviews on their testimonial page, the reviews of this website were from international customers. They had customers from Spain, Italy, and Sweden.

The first testimonial was from Samuel of Spain and according to him, the pills he received from this e-dispensary worked well. He said they missed to send him his bonus pills and he was waiting for it when he wrote his review. Samuel was also thankful of the support team that this e-store had.

Jackson was another customer of this internet drugstore and he was from Italy. The name of the customers reminded me of a Hollywood movie star, Samuel Jackson though. As for Jackson, he thought he was being scammed when he ordered from this e-store but ended up doing so because he wanted to try their product.

For the last review from John, he said he loved this e-store because they did not require him to present a prescription. He was happy that he received his order in time and that the pills worked fine.

With these three reviews, we can say that the information seemed to be so scripted and so fake. Because these are from the testimonial page of 120mg.com, we are not going to count these as reliable customer reviews. In fact, they are not as believable as it should be.

120mg.com Reviews 2018

120mg.com had been closed for years now and probably, they don’t have 2018 customer reviews. We are not surprised as we are unable to find older reviews anyway.

120mg.com Coupon Codes

In terms of coupon codes, this e-store did not produce coupon codes for their customers to use. They don’t have as many promotions as well except for one which was trial erection packs.


120mg.com Quick Offer

For their trial ED packs, they had at least 6 different packs to offer to their customers. The different trial packs consist of a different combination of ED brands that customers can use to decide if they are not sure of the brand that will work for them. For 120mg, their trial packs were combinations of 2-3 erectile dysfunction medicine brands.


120mg.com was an internet drugstore that operated from Canada. They produced CIPA and MIPA approved medicines and they offered them to their customers for more than a decade. After operating for such a period, we are upset to find no reliable customer review for this online pharmacy. How can an online pharmacy operate that long if they didn’t earn a single happy customer? Unless their on-site testimonials were true – of course. We do not believe their on-site testimonials because of the bias associated with it.

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