1st-pills.com Review – Medication Selling Online Center with Too Many Promises


1st-pills.com was an intermediary for pharmacies and their customers and they operated online. It means that this was a fulfillment center and not an internet drugstore. Their goal was to help customers to have access to genuine medicines thru legit online pharmacies.

The location of 1st-pills was not disclosed by its operations. Their start and the closing date were also unknown. From the web archived information, their data was first saved in 2013 and the last ones were in 2014. We cannot confirm though if this intermediary operated for just a year.

Among the medicines they offered and can refill for their customers were drugs that can treat ADHD, allergy, anxiety, fungal infection, psychotic treatment, high blood pressure, hair loss treatment, weight loss drugs, smoking cessation drugs, men’s sexual health, and women’s sexual health among others.

Under the men’s health category, they offered generic ED medicine brands. They had a long list of offered ED medications which means that they partnered with different manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that offered it. They offered generic Cialis for $1.30 per pill, generic Viagra for $0.75 per pill, Stendra for $4.98 per pill, Cialis Professional for $1.44 per pill, generic Levitra for $1.36 per pill, and Cialis Daily for $1.37 per pill. They also offered other drugs such as Avanafil, Viagra Professional, branded Viagra, branded Cialis, branded Levitra, and Tadalis. Apart from branded ED drugs, most erectile dysfunction medications offered in this e-fulfillment center were manufactured in Indian and were shipped from India.

We are actually surprised to see a very long list of erectile dysfunction brands that this fulfillment center offered. It means they had all of these medications available and ready for shipping. They also offered:

  • Levitra Soft
  • Vigora
  • Sublingual Cialis
  • Vardenafil
  • Cialis Oral Jelly
  • Suhagra
  • Zenegra
  • Viagra Oral Jelly
  • Penisole (an herbal Viagra)
  • Tadora
  • Caverta
  • Eriacta
  • Himcolin
  • Tentex Forte
  • Confido
  • Penegra

Some of the brands offered by 1st-pills.com were unfamiliar brands and consumers can only find it from this store. One an order was placed; their license doctor will check it and will talk to the customer as needed. These were some of the steps done when the order was for a prescription medicine especially antidepressant and cancer pills.

All orders were shipped worldwide via Registered Airmail. Registered Airmail doesn’t require a signature and the mail comes in white envelope hence privacy is utmost protected. In their FAQ page, 1st-pills.com claimed that they did have a 99% shipping success rate. Shipping of orders was on weekdays except during holiday. For the 1% chance that orders didn’t arrive, 1st-pills.com had given their customers free reshipping and refunds, depending on customers’ request. All orders placed after four in the afternoon on a Friday were processed on the next business day which was Monday, except if Monday was a holiday.

1st-pills.com honors refunds and reshipping requests but they don’t cater to returning of orders. This e-store followed the federal rule that says it is not safe to return pharmaceutical products, especially medicines. All orders can be tracked with their own tracking system even the shipping method used was just Airmail.

For queries, issues, concerns, and questions, customers of 1st-pills.com were able to reach them via their contact us page. Their support system (sale and contact us team) was available from Sunday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

1st-pills.com Reviews

We tried to find reliable customer reviews for this fulfillment center but found none. They did not have a testimonial page and they did not have any third-party reviews. We are not surprised as this intermediary service seemed to have operated for a year or less only.

1st-pills.com Reviews 2018

As we are unable to find old customer reviews for 1st-pills.com, we are 100% sure that we won’t find any 2018 reviews as well. We are just right! This e-store was closed before 2018 hence no 2018 reviews are available.

1st-pills.com Coupon Codes

Giving out a coupon code is a way for online pharmacies to market and advertise their stores. It was a winning market move because it tends to widen the horizon and reach of any online store. It also attracts consumers to check the said store and their offers even if they do not have a plan to make a purchase.

Apparently, this was not the game plan with 1st-pills.com as they did not release any coupon code during their operation. They just simply introduce their store as a fulfillment center that partnered with large pharmaceutical companies and that they won’t compromise your health.


1st-pills.com said they were the 1st or top online pharmacy in the world because they offered quality medications, free global shipping, secure website for payment with their SSL encrypted system, and their offer of 30-day money back guarantee. We also love their promise of 99% guaranteed delivery anywhere in the world.

What we found off for this fulfillment center was the absence of phone support. We prefer to deal online with stores that come with a phone support or a live chat support system. The worst experience that an online consumer can have is to find at the end of the day that he was scammed and there’s no one he can talk to about it. We also find it off that this intermediary website didn’t have a customer review. Without customer reviews, how can they prove their existence and reliability?

At 1st-pills.com, they also had a sales team that can assist customers who cannot find the medication they need from the available list. This means that they will do everything they can to help you, including finding a medicine that was hard to find. If only someone can prove any of their claims!

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