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Buy antibiotics is an online drugstore whose name suggests that it only focuses on the sale of antibiotic medications. However, after checking out the med store, you will notice that the drugstore has a lot more to offer. Some of the meds I found on catalog include diabetes medication, cancer drugs, diuretics, erectile dysfunction medications, cardiovascular pills, birth control drugs, cholesterol medication, diuretics, arthritis drugs, eye drops, and others. Medications available on the drugstore have been approved by the FDA.

There is nothing on to help in determining when this pharmacy was established or for how long it has been operating online. Generally, the most popular online pharmacies focus on being as open as possible about their location details and establishment year. I did not like the fact that did not display its details.

The pharmacy is not the cheapest drugstore online. However, the med store is affordable. I did check the price of its erectile dysfunction pills which appeared to be the most popular. A pill of brand Cialis was being sold at a price of $6.57 while brand Viagra is worth $6.62. sells brand Levitra at a price of $6.87 per tablet. Generic Viagra is worth $0.36, generic Cialis is sold at a price of $1.38 while generic Levitra will cost any buyer $0.99. This price can be afforded by any male regardless of how tight his budget is.

Buyers can pay using either credit cards or E-Checks. The accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, ACH, Diner’s Club, and JCB. Using credit cards to pay online is always the safest way. A buyer will have the ability to dispute charges and get his or her money back. Using E-Check is not recommended since the buyer will not have the ability to dispute any charges made to his or her bank account even if the pharmacy failed to deliver medications. However, does promise to return the customer’s money if the shipped product fails to reach the buyer.

The drugs are delivered either via EMS or the Airmail service. The EMS method is trackable with the tracking number starting to working approximately 4 days since the shipping is initiated. This method of shipping will require buyers to pay $30. The other method available on the drugstore, the Airmail, is a lot cheaper. It will cost buyers $10. Medications will, however, take longer. They will be in the shipping process for approximately 14 to 21 days. Based on the logos available on, the pharmacy appears to be collaborating with numerous shipping companies to make delivery possible. Some of these include Registered Airmail, EMS, USPS, and Deutsche Post.

The pharmacy does have a live chat. I tried it out and found it to be working. I was surprised by the speed at which I got a reply to my question. I communicated with an agent known as Carrie. I have captured our conversation below:

Buy-antibiotics Live Chat

The drugstore did offer phone numbers which buyers who prefer talking to an agent can use. The phone numbers are +1 888 524 7141 which is toll-free for the United States callers and +44 808 189 140 for callers living in the United Kingdom. Reviews

While looking for Buy Antibiotics testimonials, I was hoping to locate reviews written on third-party sites. These could at least be trustworthy. I could not locate any testimonials available on third-party reviews collecting websites. But did have a testimonials page. Here are some of the reviews I found on the page:

Buy-antibiotics Testimonials

Tony’s mother who has to deal with diabetes get’s her meds from Tony reports that he found to be a cheap pharmacy offering quality medications at an affordable price. The site suited Tony and he did not hesitate to order his medications from the drugstore.

Phil was not very happy with the services offered by His order was blocked. He used his credit card to pay but wanted the order to be delivered to his friend. He had to phone twice in order to resolve this issue. He thought that the issue could have been resolved in a single call.

Onsite reviews are not always trustworthy. Fake drugstores use fake onsite testimonials to lure in customers and steal from them. The best thing to do is use pharmacies with reviews on third-party websites. Reviews 2018

None of the reviews available on had dates. I could not determine which reviews were written in 2018 and which ones were not. Here are some more reviews I found on

Buy-antibiotics User Testimonials

Both Mike and Elliot bought erectile dysfunction pills. Both men are fairly elderly since Mike is 60 while Elliot is 53. They reported that the pills worked perfectly for them. Mike got his medications on time. Coupon Codes

Buy-antibiotics Offers

Coupons are always attractive to online shoppers. They make it possible to pay lesser for meds. This is the reason I searched for coupon codes which can be used at I did not manage to locate any coupon codes. However, the drugstore did have some nice offers. Here are some of the offers I found:

In every order made at, the drugstore adds 4 erectile dysfunctions pills to the order for free. Buyers get to enjoy free standard airmail shipping when their order exceeds $200. The drugstore does offer package delivery insurance and offers a 10% discount to return clients.


I don’t like trusting pharmacies with no proof of the fact they offer high-quality services. This is the case for Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to source his or her meds from the pharmacy yet. Some of the great qualities about include its great prices, accepting credit cards as a method of payment and its wide catalog.

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