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Drugs-medshop.com is a drugstore that has its location in Canada. The drugstore has CIPA and MIPA seals on its website. This means that the pharmacy has already received approval from the Canadian pharmacy regulatory bodies. I decided to confirm that this is actually true. I scanned Drugs-medshop.com on cipa.com. The results which came up showed that Drugs-medshop.com is a lying drugstore. The pharmacy is not in the CIPA database. The only reason the seals are on its website is so that it can get buyers to believe that it is trustworthy while it may be not.

The pharmacy has been online since the year 2004. This means that it has already operated for a decade and a half. This is a long time to be in business. However, the pharmacy could still be lying about when it was established to make buyers think that it is the pioneer that has stayed in business due to offering high-quality services.

The Drugs-medshop.com catalog is capable of providing a solution to numerous health complications. The meds I found on this catalog include depression drugs, diabetes pills, erectile dysfunction medication, heart disease drugs, herbal medication, pain relief drugs, skin care pills, and more.

A pharmacy can have a large number of medications but then be unaffordable. I decided to check the price at which the ED meds were being sold. These appeared to be the most purchased medications. A pill of generic Viagra is worth $0.32, Generic Cialis is worth $0.67 and generic Levitra will cost men $1.05. The pharmacy does have brand erectile dysfunction medication. A pill of brand Viagra is worth $2.66 and brand Cialis is sold at a price of $3.66. The drugstore does not stock brand Levitra. Both brand Cialis and brand Viagra are sold at a price of $70 per pill in the local pharmacies. At over 90% cheaper than local pharmacies, Drugs-medshop.com is a drugstore I would consider very affordable. Buying medications at Drugs-medshop.com is safe. The pills being sold by the drugstore are all approved by the FDA.

Drugs-medshop.com accepts two modes of payment. These are the E-Check and credit cards. The drugstore only accepts 2 credit cards. These are the American Express and the Visa. Payments made via credit cards online can be disputed. I did not like the fact that Drugs-medshop.com was limiting buyers to using 2 credit cards only.

The drugstore utilizes two methods of shipping. These are the Airmail shipping which in the US is known as the USPS and the EMS. Airmail shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 business weeks while the EMS shipping takes 3 to 8 business days. The Airmail method will cost buyers $10 while EMS will cost $20.

After medications have been shipped from Drugs-medshop.com, the meds cannot be returned. However, if a damaged product was delivered or the wrong package got shipped, Drugs-medshop.com promises to re-ship the package for free. Reaching out to the Drugs-medshop.com customer support department can be done either via the email or via a phone call. To use the email, buyers are supposed to fill out a contact form available on the contact page. To call, buyers can use either +1 760 284 3222 (US) or +4420 3286 3820 (EU).

Drugs-medshop.com Reviews

When searching for Drugs-medshop.com testimonials, my goal was to get some reviews written on a third-party website for Drugs-medshop.com. I did not find these. I had to capture the onsite reviews available on Drugs-medshop.com testimonials page:


Drugs-medshop.com Reviews

Samuel from Spain got his 10 Cialis pills. After trying the pills, he found them to work perfectly. He wanted the drugstore to send him the remaining pills. The Drugs-medshop.com customer support department was helpful.

Jackson who thought he was being scammed did receive his pills. The drugs arrived together with a replacement that Drugs-medshop.com had sent. The postal service had caused the delay and not the pharmacy itself.

Drugs-medshop.com lies about CIPA approval. There is a very high likelihood it is lying about its testimonials. The testimonials could be faked or copied from another pharmacy. Trusting only third-party testimonials is the best move to help you avoid fake pharmacies which appear to be real while they aren’t.

Drugs-medshop.com Reviews 2018

The reviews I have captured below may have been written earlier than 2018. On Drugs-medshop.com, there is no way of telling when testimonials were written.


Drugs-medshop.com User Comment

Benjamin from Andorra appreciated Drugs-medshop.com follow up. The pills he ordered got delivered and he tested them. He was happy with the results. His sex life became better. Patrick from France enjoyed both prompt and efficient service while dealing with Drugs-medshop.com. The medications were delivered within the expected timeframe. He has already recommended Drugs-medshop.com to potential buyers.

Drugs-medshop.com Coupon Codes

Drugs-medshop.com does not have coupon codes. However, the pharmacy does have some bonuses and offers. I have captured these below:


Drugs-medshop.com Offers

In comparison to the local pharmacies, Drugs-medshop.com is over 70% cheaper. When buyers purchase their medications in bulk, they will get a chance to enjoy free shipping. As long as the order placed by a buyer is worth more than 200 dollars, the buyer will not have to pay for the shipping. The drugstore does offer free bonus pills irrespective of the amount of money the buyer has spent on the order.


Drugs-medshop.com is drugstore that appears to be using lies to manipulate buyers. The drugstore uses fake seals to make buyers think that it has been approved by the major pharmacy regulatory bodies located in Canada. This fact makes everything else available on the drugstore website look like not deserving much trust. Drugs-medshop, however, does have nice prices. Comparing its erectile dysfunction prices with the prices for the same meds in the local pharmacies shows that the pharmacy is over 90% cheaper.

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