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Drugsup.com was a former online drugstore vaguely named as “Canadian Drug Store”. This virtual web drugstore offered mostly generic treatments for a wide range of medical uses, but like most online drugstores, Drugs UP (or Canadian Drug Store) featured erectile dysfunction treatments above all.

The shop t Drugs UP was created in 2010 and operated for a few years before finally closing down in 2015. According to the records published on the web archive, the store Drugs UP’s domain was put up for sale by the hosting company, which means that the shop was unable to maintain its annual payments to the hosting service, which, in turn, allowed the company to terminate the Drugsup.com service.

There were no clues on the disappearance of Drugs UP and even customer reviews from third-party sources were unavailable. Because of this, I assume that the shop isn’t popular amongst consumers and was perhaps one of the stores that are with limited visitors.

As for the product lineup of the Drugs UP store, the shop had the products usually found on web pharmacies. Drugs UP’s medicines are arranged according to the medical conditions they are relevant to, so buyers were able to spot products like the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Cholesterol treatments
  • Pain relief medicines
  • Hair loss medications

Consumers can order products on Drugs UP without needing to submit their Rx to the shop. This is not ideal, but most online pharmacies usually allow buyers to shop their medicines on their platforms even without prescriptions. According to Drugs UP, buyers can purchase without Rx but they still need to consult their doctors before they purchase medicines from the store.

As for the most popular medicines on the platform, the shop offered the following:

  • Viagra (generic): $0.87 per pill
  • Zithromax (generic): $1.12 per pill
  • Viagra Soft (generic): $1.54 per pill
  • Deltasone (generic Prednisone/Prednisolone): $0.57 per pill
  • Cytotec (generic): $1.02 per pill
  • Flagyl (generic): $0.52 per pill
  • Propecia (generic Finasteride): $0.61 per pill

As for payments, Drugs UP has accepted credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) and promised the consumers that their transactions were safe on Drugs UP. Shipping, on the other hand, according to Drugs UP, was free on every order – although it was hard to confirm whether the store indeed offered free unconditional shipping to its consumers.

Drugsup.com Reviews

There were no 3rd party reviews for Drugs UP on the web – I would know because when I searched for relevant mentions and comments for Drugs UP, but the shop had none available on the web. However, there were on-site reviews for Drugs UP, but only on its platform – which was honestly disappointing – but I have no other option. Here are some of the reviews available for Drugs UP:

Reviews for Drugs UP

Reviews for Drugs UP

According to the “reviewers” on Drugs UP, the shop was a reliable store. According to Rachel, Drugs UP offered her the lowest prices for the medicines she needed. The same thing was mentioned by Lucy Jacobs, another client – according to her, Drugs UP offered her the best bargain.

More consumers like Rachel and Lucy wrote their thanks for Drugs UP – a lot of alleged buyers thanked the store for giving them effective medicines at cost-effective prices. However, despite the good nature of the reviews for Drugs UP, I can’t fully rely on these reviews since they were only posted on-site.

Drugsup.com Reviews 2018

Since Drugs UP is already non-existent in 2018, I just used a web assessment platform to check up on the details of Drugs UP. Here are the results for Drugs UP:

Drugs UP 2018 Review

Drugs UP 2018 Review

According to the data from one assessment platform, Scamner.com, Drugs UP has several good points: the store hasn’t yet been reported as unsafe by Google and that it has operated for more than 3 years.

However, Drugs UP was detected to have anomalies, specifically, the following:

  • Drugs UP did not have visitors
  • Drugs UP has no SSL certificate
  • Drugs UP was a “spam” store
  • Drugs UP sold illegal content

The overall review for Drugs UP by the assessment platform wasn’t ideal, but since the shop is already closed, we don’t have to really worry about Drugs UP.

Drugsup.com Coupon Codes

There were a couple of discounts available for former clients of Drugs UP. Although there were no coupon codes on Drugs UP in the past, the store offered several deals for its clients to enjoy:

Discounts for Consumers of Drugs UP

Discounts for Consumers of Drugs UP

According to the information on Drugs UP on the web, consumers were able to enjoy free delivery, bonus pills and special offers on Drugs UP. The shop also professed that it offered at least 10% cheaper medicines than other online drugstores, which was supposed to make it a good choice for cheap medical treatments.


Drugs UP was a former online pharmacy that has operated since 2010 or perhaps earlier. The store did not last long though – the shop was offline in 2015 and its domain was put up for sale by its service provider. There were no clues on why the shop closed specifically and there were even no reviews to attest to the good (or bad) nature of Drugs UP. While Drugs UP was detected to have scam and spam reports, there were no specific negative buyer testimonials directed at Drugs UP.

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