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Edtabs-solution.com was once an online pharmacy that sold only products which were used for the treatment of a condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Other than ED meds, Edtabs-solution.com never sold any other pharmaceutical products. What’s good about its site is that it sold ED pills at amazingly low prices. This is probably the reason why it was popular among its customers during its time since ED pills are known to be expensive drugs. Edtabs-solution.com sold drugs like Viagra for as low as $0.80 USD per pill. It also sold Cialis pills and it was only for $1.30 USD per pill and also Levitra pills for a low price of $2 USD per tablet. These prices that Edtabs-solution.com offered were so low that when compared to the ED pill prices at the local pharmacies, the word “cheap” would be an understatement. At an average, the prices of ED pills at local drugstores were at $70 USD per tablet, a price that not everyone would afford. But by offering ED meds at prices which were more than 95% cheaper, Edtabs-solution.com helped many of its customers get their pills without spending too much.

Aside from the standard hard pill versions of ED medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, Edtabs-solution.com also sold generic variants of these drugs in forms such as oral jellies, soft gel capsules, and chewable tablets. These variants had the same effects as the standard tablets it’s just that these pills worked a lot faster than the average pills. ED oral jellies, for example, breaks down a lot faster than the standard tablets as it dissolves quickly in the mouth. If the standard Viagra had an onset of effect of 1 hour, oral jelly Viagra would only need 10 to 15 minutes before fully taking effect. Edtabs-solution.com had a lot of these drugs, different effective variants coming from GMP-certified manufacturers from around the world. Its customers were able to select from its rich selection of ED generics based on their own preferences and needs.

Edtabs-solution.com is already closed and no one knows the reason why it simply disappeared. It’s also surprising that even in the web archives, the original appearance of its site wasn’t even captured. This probably means that it only existed for a brief amount of time on the web. Unfortunately, we don’t have any leads as to the date of its establishment or even the date where it terminated its operations due to the very limited information available on the internet. What we can only say is that its site was taken down just after a short period of its operation. As for the reason why it just closed its site down, we are also left in the dark concerning that information. At best, we can only assume or speculate about the reasons why it’s no longer available. One of the possible reasons why Edtabs-solution.com no longer exists could be that it was among the online pharmacies taken down by the large pharmaceuticals and drugstore chains through their campaign that closed down a thousand of others. It’s also possible that its site went away due to internal issues that made its owners decide to close it down. It could also be a different reason than the ones mentioned since the site made no effort to explain to its customers the reason behind its disappearance.

Fortunately, there were independent pharmacy review sites on the web that had information about Edtabs-solution.com and that’s the reason why we were still able to retrieve some details about it back when it was still in business. But the sad part is that even these sites only had limited information about Edtabs-solution.com, giving us an incomplete view of the site.

Edtabs-solution.com Reviews

User reviews are very important for an online pharmacy since these feedbacks coming from their customers are the deciding factors used by other shoppers on whether or not to purchase from a certain pharmacy website. But it’s just disappointing that no user reviews exist for Edtabs-solution.com, leading us to think that it was due to the shortness of the length of its operations that its site never managed to get reviewed even by at least one customer. This poses a big problem for us since, without any valid user reviews, it would be impossible for us to determine what kind of site it really is based on the assessment of its clients. User reviews are like windows that would allow readers to see the inside of an online pharmacy, on how excellent or poor its service is or how good or bad it treats its customers.

No Reviews for Edtabs-solution

No Reviews for Edtabs-solution.com

Since no reviews are available for Edtabs-solution.com, what we can only do is speculate about how it fared as an online pharmacy when it was still online. It’s just sad that there was no real way of knowing what kind of online pharmacy it really was because the necessary information about it is already gone.

Edtabs-solution.com Reviews 2018

And since user reviews for Edtabs-solution.com are no longer available, we can also conclude that there will no longer be any new reviews for its site. It’s because its site no longer exists and checking its domain name out on a browser would only redirect a customer to a different online pharmacy that also sells ED pills.


Edtabs-solution.com Redirect Website

We don’t know if this online pharmacy was the domain that Edtabs-solution.com moved to but it’s possible.

Edtabs-solution.com Coupon Codes

Regrettably, the available information for Edtabs-solution.com is so little that there was no way to know what kind of promotions it offered back then. It might have offered discounts or freebies to its clients before but there’s no telling what those offers were exactly.


Very little information is known about Edtabs-solution.com because aside from the fact that it has no available records on the web archives, it appears that the site only existed for a brief amount of time. But we can definitely identify it as an online pharmacy that exclusively sold ED pills to its clients, all at affordable prices. For available and reliable ED meds sources on the internet, customers will find them by checking our list of top recommended providers.

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