Ezstoredrughere.com Review – A Fulfillment Center with A Single Neutral Review


Ezstoredrughere.com was not an online pharmacy but a fulfillment center. It means that they connect customers to pharmacies that offer cheap and effective medicines worldwide. Their aim was to make it easier for worldwide customers to find their medications online in the safest way possible. The start and closing date, and location of ezstoredrughere were not disclosed by its operator/s.

This fulfillment center was easy to use. Customers who were looking for a medicine can search for it using the keyword box, using the category list, or by clicking on their bestsellers list. To date, ezstoredrughere was one of those e-stores with a long list of medications to offer. They had drugs for allergic reactions, fungal infections, viral infections, bacterial infections, depression, arthritis and pain, cardiovascular problems, heart problems, high blood, diabetes, and diuretics among others. They had drugs for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight loss, motion sickness, muscle relaxant, penis enlargement, women’s health, mental illness, and eye care.

For their bestsellers, we found out that most were from the erectile dysfunction category. Some of the ED drugs that can be found on their bestsellers list were Priligy for $1.99 per tablet, Cialis Super Active for $1.79 per pill, Cialis Daily for $1.35 per tablet, Viagra Super Active for $1.40 per tablet, branded Cialis for $4.50 per tablet, and branded Viagra for $3.60 per tablet. Other drugs under the bestsellers list were Kamagra Jelly, generic Viagra for $0.83 per pill and generic Cialis for $1.20 per pill. For non-ED drugs, their bestsellers were Propecia and Lasix.

For payment options, customers or ezstoredrughere.com were able to choose between paying with a credit card and paying with an E-Check. They also had two shipping methods to offer. Customers can wait for up to nine days for their order with the Trackable Courier or they can choose to wait for up to three weeks with the Standard Airmail delivery. The final shipping cost can be found at the checkout page. According to their FAQ page, it will depend on the destination of the order. Ezstoredrughere.com delivered worldwide but advised their customers to check with the support team in case they had doubts about the delivery in their countries.

For their shipping, they had a guaranteed delivery and for all orders, they offered a money back guarantee. In case something happens to orders, customers were provided an option to request for a refund or reshipping without paying anything. The numbers to call to report problems and issues or to make such a request were 888 524 7141, 808-189-1420 or 44 203 514 1638.

Ezstoredrughere.com Reviews

For us to understand how an online pharmacy or a fulfillment center worked in the past we always rely on customer reviews. This is our way of getting a picture of their service. For this reason, we always strive to find customer reviews from third-party review website. This way, we can easily get reliable information about a particular store being reviewed. In the case of ezstoredrughere, finding a trustworthy third-party review was questionable as they did not have any. What they had were customer testimonials on their own page.


Ezstoredrughere.com Reviews

For the testimonials, we picked the ones shared by Christian, Yorg, and Trevor. These are 5-star reviews. In their own words, they described their experience with ezstoredrughere as follows:

  • Ezstoredrughere delivered orders ahead of schedule
  • Ezstoredrughere had an awesome customer support team
  • Ezstoredrughere delivered top quality medicines
  • Ezstoredrughere had fast delivery even to customers in Finland
  • Ezstoredrughere delivered effective pills

These positive customer reviews from these customers of ezstoredrughere were very tempting. If it’s read by consumers who will be trying to use an online pharmacy for the first time, they will definitely get lured by these kinds of reviews. However, as an online consumer who had been reading multitudes of customer reviews in the past, we believe that these reviews are too fake. We are not considering on-site reviews as trustworthy because of the biases in it.

Ezstoredrughere.com Reviews 2018

The start and close date of ezstoredrughere.com were not available on the web archived information we gathered for this fulfillment center. When we searched for customer reviews, we found a review for 2018 from a third-party review site.


ezstoredrughere.com Reviews 2018

According to the review shared by Massimo in February of 2018, he ordered 24 of the drug he needs but received only 16. He gave the store a 3-star rating and asked the store in his review if they can provide him with the missing pills. He even provided his order number and the date when he made the order.

This is a neutral review for ezstoredrughere.com. We can say that they do deliver yet there was a question of their reliability. Do they deliver the right number of pills paid by their customers? We still think that ezstoredrughere.com still had to prove a lot before we can say that they were a reliable fulfillment center.

Ezstoredrughere.com Coupon Codes

Ezstoredrughere.com was a fulfillment center hence they did not offer coupon codes in the past or discounts to their customers. What they offered were specials and a perk.


Ezstoredrughere.com Perks

One of their specials was the ED Super Advanced Pack because it allowed customers to have the three best erectile dysfunction brands in one order at a very affordable price.


Ezstoredrughere.com Perks

Ezstoredrughere also introduced their new application that allowed customers to place and track their orders. The application can be downloaded on any mobile phone and it made ordering much easier.


Ezstoredrughere.com had a goal – to make it easier for customers worldwide to have access to affordable medications. They did it by partnering with drug manufacturers from India. These manufacturers made FDA approved medications and they were selling it at a very low price. We love this idea yet we find it hard to believe because we are unable to find trustworthy customer reviews that can tell us that these were true.

Still, as an online buyer of medicines, we praise the long list of available medicines that Ezstoredrughere offered, their good pricing, their available options for payment and shipping, and their new mobile application that allowed customers to order from them thru their mobile phones.

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