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Copy of 201 Fastxpills, another generic web pharmacy, is the one under the spotlight today. This online drugstore does not look like the web drugstores I commonly encounter since the template is something I have not seen before. However, looking at the shop, I realized that Fast X Pills also has the same content most of the internet pharmacies have.

There was an “About Us” section on this web pharmacy, but Fast X Pills failed to mention where it was actually located or where its service started. No hints were found on the store concerning its location/inception date, so I am totally in the dark when it comes to where this store is operating from. The about section of this store is somewhat vague – it only mentioned that Fast X Pills provides the “best prices” for a host of “well-known medications” and did not provide hard facts/actual details about the store and its owner.

As for the products sold on the website, the store arranged its generic (Rx and non-Rx) products according to their medical conditions served, for easier customer access. Some of the categories of the meds found on Fast X Pills include the following: fertility, erectile dysfunction, digestive problems, skin care, pain relief, plus others. Concerning the most popular products, Fast X Pills has the following as its top items:

  • Strattera (Atomoxetine): $1.28 each pill
  • Medrol (Methylprednisolone): $0.52 each pill
  • Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate): $0.40 each pill
  • Betnovate 0.1% (Betamethasone): $9.35 each tube
  • Cialis (Tadalafil): $0.73 each pill

According to Fast X Pills, all of its products may be purchased without prescriptions although international pharmacy laws require the buyers to provide prescriptions, especially for Rx-only products. Nevertheless, Fast X Pills strongly recommends that its customers consult with their doctors before purchasing any product on the platform.

When it comes to FDA approvals, Fast X Pills assures its buyers that all of the medicines found on the shop are FDA certified and are also approved by the World Health Organization. However, Fast X Pills did not state which FDAs approved its products (most online pharmacies have their items certified by the Indian FDA alone and not the US FDA, which makes a slight difference).

Shipping fees are not stated on Fast X Pills, but I eventually discovered that the store offers international shipping for $10 and a trackable (EMS) option for $30. However, buyers with orders of more than $200 are given free shipping.

Payment options credited by Fast X Pills include VISA and MasterCard, Wire, Bitcoin, E-checks, and SEPA. Fast X Pills did not discuss returns but mentioned that customers with lost or damaged orders may have reshipments or may have their money back.

Fast X Pills Chat

There was a live chat support option on Fast X Pills, but the store did not have any customer support person online. Reviews

I checked Fast X Pills to see if it had on-site reviews and so it had. Here are some of the buyer testimonials posted by clients on the platform:

Fast X Pills Reviews (On-site)

According to one Blake, Fast X Pills was the best place to order meds online due to its cheap prices but high-quality products.

Another client, Carl, mentioned that Fast X Pills was somewhat too good to be true, but encouraged other consumers to believe that the store indeed has low prices for its products but has effective and safe to use medications.

Pierre, on the other hand, commented about the quality of the Viagra drug he bought from the store. According to him, the Fast X Pills Viagra was effective but had a price that’s three times lower than the usual product.

All of these reviews are a joy to read, but since they were only on-site testimonials, it’s hard to figure out if these customer reports are legitimate and if they accurately reflect the store’s performance. Reviews 2018

Fast X Pills Votes

Fast X Pills Votes

Fast X Pills did not have third-party reviews but it has sparked blogger attention, although in a negative manner. Bloggers thought that Fast X Pills was an unreliable store and readers seemed to agree with these authors’ predicament against Fast X Pills:

Customers voted against Fast X Pills and only rated it 1/5. However, this rating was only an average of 2 votes and does not reflect the entire buyer insight for the store.

Fast X Pills Website Evaluation Result

Fast X Pills Website Evaluation Result

I also used a third-party service to check up on Fast X Pills. However, according to the result for Fast X Pills, the shop was reported as an online scam and was also marked as a spam store. Fast X Pills did not also have an SSL certificate, which makes it somewhat unsafe to use for payments. Coupon Codes

Fast X Pills did not offer buyer discounts, but like common online pharmacies, it has lower prices for customers with bulk orders.

Fast X Pills Free Shipping

Fast X Pills Free Shipping

Apart from that, Fast X Pills also offers free shipping to buyers with orders more than $200 worth of products.


Fast X Pills is a generics store with fair prices for medications. The shop offers a wide range of products for various medical uses which may be bought without prescriptions. Fast X Pills seems convenient to use but it does not have 3rd party reviews to help establish its safety for use. If you wish to use Fast X Pills, you can do so at your own risk.

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