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Generic Store was an online pharmacy whose origins dated back to 2008. It was a place on the web were people saved money on their medicines as its site only sold generic drugs. Since generic drugs were much cheaper than the branded ones, the customers of Generic Store were able to save lots of money while they bought sufficient quantities of the medications that they needed. Compared to the branded drugs, generic medicines were so much more affordable as these drugs only cost less than 10% of the branded drugs’ prices. And not only did the customers enjoy the benefit of big savings that were provided by Generic Store through their products; they also enjoyed the same great effects that the branded drugs had in using their generic meds. The medicines on the selection of Generic Store were all FDA-approved analogs of the popular branded drugs on the market which meant that these drugs had the exact same active ingredients as their costly counterparts.

But before customers were able to purchase their needed medicines from Generic Store, they were first required to sign-up and register for an account on its website. This process was mandatory and people weren’t able to proceed with their transactions without completing their site account registration. Generic Store made this for the benefit of its clients so that they would be able to track their purchases and have their own records of their orders. Guest purchases were not allowed on its site which meant that its clients were not able to purchase their drugs anonymously.

Although Generic Store made the registration process mandatory on its website, it was lenient to its clients when it came to prescriptions. Generic Store sold both prescription and over the counter medicines and for their prescription drugs, it didn’t require its customers to provide any scripts. Shoppers were able to order their medications freely on its site with no other things asked from them except for their complete names, exact shipping address, and payment details. In not making scripts a requirement for purchasing prescription drugs on its site, Generic Store also helped many people save money and time from doctor appointments. But even though it didn’t ask for scripts from its clients, Generic Store still recommended that they consult they doctors before using the meds that they have bought for their own safety.

Generic Store Seized by the US Government

Generic Store Seized by the US Government

However, after its nine (9) years of selling medicines online, Generic Store’s site was forcefully closed down and seized by the US government due to the accusation that its site sold counterfeit products. But as legit as this accusation might appear, this was actually the work of the corporate drugstore chains and large pharmaceutical companies. The profits of these big businesses have been greatly affected by the existence of online pharmacies like Generic Store and this led them to launch a large-scale government-backed campaign whose agenda was to close down pharmacy sites. This operation was a success and as a result, many pharmacy sites including Generic Store has been taken down. The people who really felt the impact of this operation were the customers as they lost reliable online medicine sources like Generic Store, an event that forced them to go back to local pharmacies where they previously purchased their meds from.

If Generic Store started over again with a new website or not, we no longer know. All we know is that after its site has been closed down, it didn’t resurface anymore. Its seizure was a huge loss to many of its customers as it was a site that provided worldwide shipping of products. It also had a wide product selection that allowed its customers to find their needed drugs on its website. When it came to customer service and support, its site was also reliable as it provided 24/7 assistance to all of its clients. Reviews

Sadly, there are no longer any sites that offered third-party reviews for Generic Store. This may be due to the length of time that its site has been closed and the independent pharmacy sites that once had reviews for it have already updated their content. This isn’t really good since there would be no way for us to know what kind of online pharmacy Generic Store really is in the eyes of its customers. Generic Store neither had positive or negative reviews, giving us nothing to work with.

Customer or user reviews are vital for us to understand how the site operated back when it was still online. The past reviews could’ve given us an insight regarding how excellent or effective its products really were or how responsive its customer service was, or even how fast they delivered the orders of their clients. It’s also unfortunate that Generic Store didn’t have a testimonials section on its website as those onsite reviews could’ve been the reviews that we could use for analysis.

Since Generic Store has no available reviews, it would mean that we would stay clueless about its past as an online pharmacy. Although user reviews for its site could’ve been important, these reviews are already irrelevant as its site no longer exists. Reviews 2018

If there were no old reviews for Generic Store, all the more that it would be impossible for its site to have any new reviews since it’s already closed. The only way to access its old web content is to view it on the web archives. Coupon Codes

Generic Store offered a savings of 20% to its customers who purchased ED trial packs. Compared to purchasing ED pills individually, its site offered a special discount incentive to those who availed of their ED pills promo bundle.

Generic Store Trial Pack Savings

Generic Store Trial Pack Savings


Generic Store was an online pharmacy that’s now closed but it was once an affordable generic medicine source that offered drugs at attractive prices. It started out in business back in 2008 but it was seized and closed down by the US government back in 2016 due to the campaign that was launched by large pharma companies and corporate drugstore chains. For other online pharmacy options, customers should check our list of top recommended providers.

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