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Generic Tabs was an online pharmacy that was established back in 2003, a medicine source where people from different parts of the world bought quality medicines. Generic Tabs was a successful drugstore business on the web as it was able to operate for fourteen (14) solid years despite the number of its competitions on the web. When it was still online, it consistently made low-cost and effective drugs available on its site which helped its customers find alternatives to the expensive medicines at local drugstores. But unlike the local drugstores, the medicine categories which were available at Generic Tabs were only limited. It only had a total of seventeen (17) different medicine categories which included pain relief meds, weight loss products, sleeping aids, diabetes medications, antidepressants, allergy drugs, skin care products, and others. Based on the number of medicine categories that it had on its site, we would see that the aim of Generic Tabs was not to be a source with a complete selection of pharmaceutical products. It only focused on a small number of categories which it saw as the most commonly purchased drugs on its selection of medicines.

And just like what’s implied by its domain name, the products of Generic Tabs were only generic medicines. All the drugs on its website were generics and it never sold any branded drugs on its site. The reason for this was because Generic Tabs wanted to give its customers the opportunity to save great amounts of money without compromising the safety and quality of the medicines that they got. Generic medicines were drugs that had the same active ingredients, potency, effectiveness, dosages, and route of administration as their branded counterparts and this made them just as effective in every respect. These drugs were also cheaper than branded drugs by a big margin as generics were cheaper by 80% to 90%. With regards to quality, the generic meds which were sold by Generic Tabs were also said to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and thus have set them on equal footing with the costly brand-name drugs.

Generic Tabs ED Pills

Generic Tabs ED Pills

Among the medicine categories that Generic Tabs had, the one with the most frequently bought drugs was its men’s health category. This was because the drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) were located under this category and ED meds were quite popular drugs due to the number of men affected by this condition. What men liked about Generic Tabs was that it had generic versions of the popular ED brands such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis and that its site sold them at very low costs. For as low as $159 USD, its customers were able to purchase 120 Viagra 100 mg pills from its website, a single pill amounting to only $1.32 USD each. For its Cialis 20 mg pills, Generic Tabs only sold them for $229 USD for 90 pills or $2.54 USD each. If these prices were compared to the local pharmacy ED drug costs, these would dwarf in comparison. Local drugstores sold ED pills at an average price of $75 USD per tablet, a price that was very different to what Generic Tabs had for its ED meds.

As an additional benefit to the customers that bought prescription drugs from its site such as ED pills, Generic Tabs allowed its clients to purchase them without providing any scripts. This was a big help especially to those who wanted to save time and extra money as obtaining scripts wasn’t easy. It required customers to have appointments with their doctors and pay costly professional fees for their consultation. In sparing its customers from providing scripts, Generic Tabs made online shopping of meds more convenient and effortless to its clients.

After operating for a good fourteen years, Generic Tabs simply stopped existing as an online pharmacy. Its site simply became a vacant domain somewhere in 2017 to the shock of its customers. No one knows the reason why it decided to close down as it left no notice on its page before disappearing. But it’s also possible that its domain contract had expired that year and it no longer renewed its agreement with its domain provider. Reviews

But it’s a surprise that even after years of operation, Generic Tabs didn’t even have a single customer review to be found. We don’t know how this was possible and the only reason that we could see why this was the case was maybe because the independent review sites that had user reviews for its page might have already updated their content and removed the old reviews. It’s understandable because Generic Tabs has been closed for a while now and those reviews were no longer relevant. But for us who are trying to look into how Generic Tabs operated in the past, these reviews are quite important as these could’ve given us a glimpse on how quick and reliable its shipping services were. These old reviews could’ve also shown us how effective its products were or how responsive its customer support system was in the eyes of its clients. The reviews could’ve also shown us the weak points of Generic Tabs and those would’ve been found on the negative comments in the scenario that reviews for its site have existed. Reviews 2018

If past reviews for Generic Tabs didn’t exist then, all the more that new reviews would no longer exist now as its site’s already closed. The reason for its disappearance is still unknown as nothing was disclosed by the site prior to going out of business. Coupon Codes

Generic Tabs also offered additional savings to its customers as it provided free shipping for orders whose total cost amounted to $149 USD. Shipping fees were also costly and its offer to waive the shipping fees saved its customers extra dollars.

Generic Tabs Free Shipping

Generic Tabs Free Shipping


Generic Tabs was an online pharmacy that provided generic medicines to its customers at low prices. It existed on the web for a good 14 years but it decided to terminate its operations back in 2017 due to unknown reasons. Other reliable pharmacies can still be found by the customers on our list of recommended providers, online drugstores that sell cheap and effective generics.

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