Review- A Pharmacy Unpopular Among Buyers is an online pharmacy that has been in business since 2006. From all the details I have gotten researching about this pharmacy, I can see they operate from the USA. Several drugs can be gotten on this website. The categories which they have grouped the drugs they offer into include Anxiety, Allergy, Blood Pressure, Bladder, Cholesterol, Gout, Hair Removal, Hair Loss, Headache, Malaria, Diabetes, Anxiety, Anti-depressants, Asthma, Men’s health etc. To have an idea of how high or low the pricing of this pharmacy is, I searched for the prices of popular erectile dysfunction drugs and when I saw the prices I was literally like, wow! You have to break the bank for this one. I checked for the pricing of popular ED meds like brand Viagra, brand Cialis, brand Levitra, and Silagra. 8 tabs of brand Viagra 100m is $159 .95, 8 tabs of brand Cialis 20mg is $305, 8 tabs of brand Levitra 5mg is $135, and 28 tabs of Silagra is $109.95. These prices transmit into $19.99, $38.13, $16.88, and $13.74 per pill respectively. Silagra is a drug While some people may be ok with these prices, I was not. This is because I know of online pharmacies that sell these exact drugs for much cheaper prices. These prices are high for an online pharmacy but certainly cheaper than what you would pay at the local drugstore. I can only believe the prices of this vendor is owed to its location in the US as we know drugs are expensive in the US coupled with taxes. From the claims of this vendor all the drugs it sells are FDA approved. This implies that they contain certified ingredients and are safe for ingestion.

This vendor accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, ACH, and E-checks for payments. However, they have encouraged paying with Bitcoin and ACH by attaching discounts to these payment methods. As for their shipping options. This pharmacy has stated that they do not ship to all regions in the United States due to certain prohibitions of some States’ laws. They charge $20 for priority mail and $40 for express mail. Priority mail takes 3 to 5 days, while express mail takes only 2 to 3 days.

To contact their support team, you can either do this by calling them on phone or using their live chat. However, when I tried testing their live chat service, I was told that no operators are available. here is an image below. Live Chat Service

It appears their live chat service is not reliable at the moment. Their contact phone number is 1-888-509-2510. They claim to be available 8: am to 4: pm CST.

Regarding the refund policy of this pharmacy, I was able to discover that customers are eligible for refunds if a package is obviously destroyed. However, the customer must not sign the package. If the package is signed, the customer would not get a refund. Additionally, if an order does not arrive, a free reshipment or refund would be done. Reviews

I tried checking for feedbacks from customers about Sadly, I found no feedbacks about this vendor both on their website and on external websites. This is usually not a good thing as one cannot tell for sure what to expect from a pharmacy when it does not have feedbacks that show user experience. Lack of customer reviews also indicates that a pharmacy is not popular among buyers, because if it was popular customers would have dropped a feedback commenting on their experience. Often times this is as a result of poor marketing or promotion on the part of the pharmacy. But I must confess that for a pharmacy which has been operating since 2006, this is bad.

On this note, I would like to advise you to try another pharmacy which is popular among buyers and its quality of service is proven by trustable customer reviews. Reviews 2018

Usually, I would share with your customer reviews that were given by customers recently so we could see the level at which this vendor is satisfying customers at the moment. But since there are no customer reviews of this vendor, I am absolutely unable to do this.

Hence, we can’t say for sure what the current reputation of this pharmacy is like. Ideally, a pharmacy that has operated as long as this would have a couple of customer reviews but not It appears this pharmacy has a lot of homework to do regarding promoting their brand and services. In addition, I stand by my position; try another pharmacy. Coupon Codes

As common with great online pharmacies, I checked to see if this vendor has got any discounts or offers for its customers. And I found two services that this vendor offers for free.

Free Prescription Offer

Free Prescription Offer has got licensed physicians on its team who would write prescriptions for you at no charge.

Free Consultation Offer

Free Consultation Offer

Their licensed doctors and pharmacists are also available to be consulted with confidentiality; also at no charge.

Conclusion appears to be impressive when it comes to the variety of drugs it offers. But its prices are high in comparison to other online pharmacies. The fact that it has a live chat service is also impressive. The only problem is that the live chat service had no available agents when I tried it out. One other impressive thing with this pharmacy is the free access of customers to prescriptions and consultations from licensed doctors and pharmacists. However, when a pharmacy has no customer review at all it draws a lot of suspicions and reduces its trust rating. Lack of reviews implies uncertainty regarding the quality of service. It also signifies that the pharmacy has not got a great patronage. I, therefore, cannot recommend this pharmacy to you. Try another with great reviews from customers. And ensure the reviews are from a trusted source.

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Author: Mattie Hudson

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