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Helping Meds is an online pharmacy that’s no longer available. Its site is already closed and the only way to access the past content of its website is to visit the web archives and locate the captures by using its domain name. No one knows the reason for its disappearance as the site never bothered to leave any explanations behind to their customers which caused many to become disappointed and frustrated. Its site that was once a page that contained a neatly organized selection of meds for various uses was now reduced to a redirect site that leads to a different online pharmacy. We could only speculate about what really happened to Helping Meds such as it might have moved to a different domain or that it might have closed down due to financial reasons. But its vanishing was a loss to many customers as Helping Meds was indeed a big “help” to its clients due to its affordable medicine prices.

The only meds that Helping Meds sold on its website were generic medicines. Its site focused on selling generic meds for the reason that these drugs were cheap and these drugs had the exact same quality and effectiveness as the branded ones. Generic drugs had the same ingredients and active components as their branded counterparts and this made them perfect alternatives to the costly drugs that the local pharmacies offered. Back then, the existence of Helping Meds was a huge relief to many people as its site was a place where they were able to purchase medicines at prices which were up to 90% cheaper than the ones at the local drugstores. At Helping Meds, people only spent a fraction of their money to purchase sufficient amounts of their needed drugs, something that they weren’t able to do at the local pharmacies due to the very forbidding prices that it had for its products. And because of the savings offer of Helping Meds on their generics, it allowed its customers to purchase considerable quantities of their needed meds while saving big at the same time.

When it was still in operation, Helping Meds sold both prescription and over the counter (OTC) meds on its website. But as for its prescription drugs, it didn’t require its buyers to provide scripts. Its site freely sold prescription drugs just like it sold its OTC meds and it was a privilege that its customers took advantage of. Helping Meds knew that scripts were not an easy requirement to obtain as these required them to have appointments with their doctors which meant paying them professional fees for their consultation. Wanting to help its customers save money, Helping Meds took scripts out of the requirements in purchasing meds from its site and customers saw it as a good thing. But even if this was the case, Helping Meds still advised its customers to consult their doctors before using their purchased meds just to be safe. This was because the use of prescription drugs without the guidance of a medical professional could be dangerous to the health.

Helping Meds Wait Time for US and Europe Deliveries

Helping Meds Wait Time for US and Europe Deliveries

As for the country where Helping Meds was based, it seems to have been located somewhere in Europe as if offered faster deliveries to orders from Europe than those which were from the US. US customers expected their meds to arrive within 2 to 3 weeks while European clients only waited for 4 to 9 business days to get their orders shipped. In cases where the orders of its customers got damaged in transit or failed to arrive within the maximum delivery wait time, Helping Meds offered its clients the reshipment option which was completely free of charge or refunds for those who preferred to be refunded. The department that processed these requests its customer service department but the speed that these requests were processed wasn’t clarified by Helping Meds. Reviews

Searching the web for third-party user reviews for Helping Meds wasn’t very fruitful as the search gave no results. Considering the fact that Helping Meds only existed for a brief amount of time (1 year), it’s still surprising that it didn’t get reviewed by its clients at independent pharmacy review sites. The only user reviews for it were the ones on its site, the ones on its testimonials section. Third-party reviews are more preferred than onsite reviews since these ones are unedited and gave unbiased views. Onsite testimonials, on the other hand, were not that reliable as they may have already been edited by the owners of the site with only the selected parts retained. Below are some of the onsite reviews for Helping Meds and let’s check them out.

Helping Meds User Reviews

Helping Meds User Reviews

Dega, a customer of Helping Meds from Milan, commended its site for its very low prices for medicines. For its reliability, he also shared on his review that he has already ordered twice from Helping Meds and received both of them on time.

What Gabriel praises Helping Meds for was its effective weight loss product called Ayurslim. After just 10 days of using the product, he already lost three (3) pounds and felt better than before.

David was “absolutely satisfied” with the medicines that he has ordered. He no longer specified what those meds were but simply thanked Helping Meds for its good service. Reviews 2018

Since the site of Helping Meds has long been closed, it would no longer possible for it to get new user reviews. Its site only existed from 2016 to 2017, a very short period of existence for an online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

The information that was captured by the web archives for Helping Meds was very limited that details about its past offers such as coupon discounts, freebies, and others can no longer be retrieved. It might have had such offers before but we can only guess since they’re not anymore available.


Helping Meds was an online pharmacy that could attract a lot of customers because of its affordable medicine prices but It only existed for a short amount of time and then disappeared without warning. Its domain name still works to this day but it’s no longer what it used to be as it was only reduced to a redirect site. For customers who are genuinely looking for a trustworthy online pharmacy should check our top list of recommended providers.

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