Hq-medstore.com Review – A Pharmacy with no Proof of Credibility


Hq-medstore.com is an online pharmacy that appears to operate from the Netherlands. When this pharmacy started operating has not be revealed, but I believe it should be over 5 years; most likely established in 2010. This pharmacy is involved in the sale of a great variety of medications which have been categorized into various groups as common with online pharmacies. The categories are so much, but I would mention a few; Pain Relief, healthy Bones, Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy, Cholesterol, Gums, party Pills, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Fungus, Anti-Herpes, Anti-Acidity, Birth Control, General Health, Cardiovascular, Arthritis, Female Enhancement, Sleeping Aids, Erectile Dysfunction etc. Moreover, erectile dysfunction was mostly the drugs displayed on the homepage of this vendor. Among these erectile dysfunction drugs, the ones worthy of note include generic Viagra, generic Levitra, generic Cialis, and Kamagra. Generic Viagra goes for $0.81 on this website, generic Levitra $1.50 per pill, generic Cialis $1.40 per pill, and Kamagra $1.90. With these prices, I can say that drugs are cheap on this platform. regarding the FDA approval status of these drugs, I have been able to determine that their drugs are India FDA approved as they are sourced from Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Additionally, making payments on this platform should not be a difficult thing at all as I have found out that they accept quite a number of common payment methods. Their payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and Diners Club. For the shipping methods used by this pharmacy; EMS and Registered Airmail are the delivery options available. EMS takes a maximum of 10 days to deliver orders, while Registered Airmail takes a maximum of 21 days to deliver orders. EMS costs $30 and comes with a tracking number which starts working in 4 business days. registered Airmail takes $10, but does not come with a tracking number.

I tried checking the mediums through which you could contact this vendor. I was perplexed to see that they provided no contact number and no live chat; only the form on their contact us page happens to be the only avenue you can reach them through. Check how the form looks like below.


Hq-medstore.com Contact Us Form

Furthermore, I checked the refund policy of this vendor and they have stated that they are unable to exchange or give refunds for prescriptions. They also stated that refunds would not be given if there was a failure to receive the package because you submitted the wrong address.

Hq-medstore.com Reviews

It is absolutely important for me to share what customers have to say about Hq-medstore.com with you. Checking through external sources, I found no customer reviews of Hq-medstore.com. Nevertheless, I have seen a series of testimonials shared on this website. These testimonials as expected were all positive. I have decided to do a screenshot o0s two for you to see. But before I share them with you, I would like to let you know that onsite reviews are not to be 100% trusted. I say this because it is part of the content of the pharmacy’s website and the website operators also have access to it. hence we can’t say for sure the extent of the trueness of the reviews. External customer reviews remain the best option since they are independent with no ties to the pharmacy reviewed. having got that out of the way here are two screenshots of this vendor’s on-site customer reviews.


Hq-medstore.com Customer review

Michael shares his experience with us. He commends the customer service of this vendor saying they are “very welcoming”. He also commends the quality of their products saying ” high quality products”. Based on this, I would say he was totally satisfied with the service he got from this pharmacy.


Hq-medstore.com Customer review

Dan also was totally satisfied as he says great things about this pharmacy. He tells us that on like the previous vendors that have disappointed him in the past, this pharmacy “pleasantly surprised” him. based on his comment, I can say he had a great customer experience.

These customer feedbacks indicate that this pharmacy is totally reliable. The only problem is that the reviews are not from a trusted source. So, I cannot confidently say they are indeed reliable. A pharmacy with trusted positive reviews not controlled by the shop is always your best bet.

Hq-medstore.com Reviews 2018

Sharing recent feedbacks from customers would indicate where Hq-medstore.com is as a pharmacy regarding continuous customer satisfaction and reputation. I was unable to find any recent reviews. I would have shared the onsite customer reviews but they do not have a date to signify when each of the customers dropped them. In my opinion, the reviews are old, therefore, they can’t capture the recent reputation of this pharmacy.

Note that it is risky to try a pharmacy with no recent reviews at all. This is because positive recent and past customer reviews are proof of trustworthiness. For this reason, it is safe that you out a pharmacy that has some, to be on a safe side.

Hq-medstore.com Coupon Codes

I was able to find an offer of free shipping when I tried checking out Viagra.

Free Shipping Offer

Free Shipping Offer

From this screenshot, you can see that you get a free shipping when your order is worth over $150.


Hq-medstore.com has got strengths as well as weaknesses. It has an affordable pricing. Also, its offer of free shipping is also quite impressive. The weaknesses I have noticed are the lack of a contact detail and a live chat service. This is very bad! Customers are forced to fill a contact us form and await response when they could easily put a call through or use a live chat for real-time response. Additionally, this vendor lacks trustable customer reviews. Similarly, it lacks recent reviews. There is, therefore, no way to ascertain the true credibility of this pharmacy.

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