Review – Former Online Pharmacy with Very Limited Web Information Available

Copy of 718 Med is now inaccessible. This website was a former online pharmacy that wasn’t really a popular place amongst online buyers – I thought so because the store did not have plenty of online records available on the web. The store wasn’t even archived on the Internet Archive platform – perhaps there’s very little opportunity for Med-shop24 to be visited by the consumers, hence its lack of online attention from users.

There is no information regarding Med Shop 24’s former performance and the reason for its disappearance. However, even if this was the case, I think the store went offline due to one of the following reasons:

  • Merger with another website belonging to the same company
  • Move to another site
  • Low sales volume, which translated to low income and eventual bankruptcy
  • Inability to maintain its domain name – failure to pay for the monthly/annual hosting service fee
  • Perhaps the owner was too busy doing other things and eventually gave up
  • Escaping clients and failed transactions

The store was fortunate, however, for not being one of the government-seized websites. Med Shop 24 wasn’t a seized site because its web address would have stated otherwise – the government is keen on plastering glaring messages about a store being a seized site, perhaps to scare illicit website operators.

Regarding the store’s products, Med Shop 24 sold items commonly found at online and local pharmacies, like medicines for impotence treatment, diabetes, blood pressure management, skin care, and a lot of others more. The shop offered good prices for these medicines – cheap, but not the cheapest in the market. According to the store, all of its items were approved by the FDA and were safe to use by the consumers. Like most online pharmacies, Med Shop 24 allowed the buyers to purchase their medicines on the store without prescriptions, which was favorable to most consumers.

Since most of the details for Med Shop 24 were missing, I was unable to identify details like its shipping rates, its return policies, and other important information.

As for the shop, like I’ve said, I was unable to identify why the store closed down. Since there were no reviews and no other information for this web pharmacy, it’s difficult to assess whether this store was a reliable source of medications or not. As a consolation though, the store did not have existing negative reviews on the web, which means that somehow, it must not be a scam store – unless the reviews were just buried on the web. Reviews

According to online information for the Med Shop 24 store, the shop did not have third-party or independent reviews from its former clients. However, the store had on-site testimonials and as expected, most of these reviews were too good to be true. Some of the recurring themes of the Med Shop 24 reviews were the following:

  • Reliable delivery service (sometimes earlier than expected)
  • Cheap products
  • More savings compared to local drugstores
  • Easy to navigate, easy to use, and friendly customer support team
  • Effective products (especially medicines for erectile dysfunction)

However good to read, I can’t just shake off the fact that these on-site testimonials were somewhat biased towards Med Shop 24, especially that these on-site reviews weren’t hosted by a third-party application, like the case with most reliable on-site reviews for shopping websites. Reviews 2018

Since Med Shop 24 was only active for a year before its domain registry eventually expired (this happened in 2017), the shop had no present-day reviews for its service – well, Med Shop 24 did not have customer experience comments but did have several web analysis reports from reputable assessment websites.

Med Shop 24 Domain Assessment Report

Med Shop 24 Domain Assessment Report

Results from one domain assessing site revealed that indeed Med Shop 24 is now offline, but also noted that the site had malware reports when it was still online.

Med Shop 24 Assessment Result

Med Shop 24 Assessment Result

On the other hand, I have discovered that the store Med Shop 24 did not have its own SSL certificate, which means that it has put its clients at risk of getting their financial details hacked or stolen from them. Med Shop 24 also had a short lifespan, which was not a good sign when it comes to online pharmacies since buyers can rely on stores that are with long operating histories. Coupon Codes

Although no coupon codes were present on the Med Shop 24 store, the shop offered other deals instead:

Med Shop 24 Deals

Med Shop 24 Deals

Med Shop 24 Deals

Med Shop 24 offered free pills on every order made on the platform. Along with this, the shop has also offered to cancel shipping fees if the orders reach a certain amount. The shop offered free regular shipping to buyers with orders $200 or more, but the shop also offered free express shipping to buyers with orders $300 or more.


Med Shop 24 was an online pharmacy that’s now inaccessible. Unfortunately, there’s very little online information about this online drugstore – there were no reviews available for the shop and there was also no archived information for the store, which means that the shop was somewhat unpopular with the consumers in the past.

Med Shop 24 is now closed and remains without information for its performance, so it’s good to think about using new online pharmacies, like stores on our TOP Vendors list.

Mattie Hudson

Author: Mattie Hudson

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