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Copy of 722 Medicstar is now offline. When I last visited the store, its domain is now for sale by its hosting company. There is no known reason why this supposedly good store eventually closed down, but I think that Medic Star went out of business as a result of low sales – it’s perhaps one of the strongest reasons why stores close down. Not having enough purchases and income may indeed lead online drugstores to shut down, regardless of whether they were previously reliable shops or not.

I was able to gain more information on Medic Star by using the web archive site since the store did have saved information there since May 2004. Now even if there were records for Medic Star in 2004, it does not mean that the shop existed in 2004 – perhaps the domain name belonged to other companies and not really to Medic Star. According to the shop, it was active since 2001, but as I checked the records, the store was active only in 2001.

Medic Star’s catchphrase was “prices you can smile about” – I think this makes sense since Medic Star really offered cheap medications, which were truly cheaper than the average local drugstore prices for the same medications. For instance, Medic Star only offered less than a dollar each for the following items:

  • Nolvadex: $0.72 per tablet
  • Amoxicillin: $0.52 per tablet
  • Ultram: $0.99 per tablet
  • Zithromax: $0.58 per tablet
  • Clomid: $0.45 per tablet

Compared to other local pharmacy prices I’ve seen, I actually thought that Medic Star’s prices were a bit more expensive. However, these prices were still way cheaper than local pharmacy prices.

Medic Star did not discuss whether it allowed no-Rx purchases, but the store offered online consultations, so I’m guessing the shop did allow buyers to purchase their medicines from Medic Star without prescriptions. However, Medic Star still encouraged the buyers to consult their doctors instead of ordering from the platform without any Rx.

The store did ship its products internationally via Regular Airmail or Express Courier Delivery, depending on what shipping option they were willing to pay for.

As for the payment methods accepted by the store, Medic Star allowed VISA, AMEX, and electronic checks.

Medic Star is now closed, so even if the store has provided its numbers, they can’t be reached out to by their clients. Reviews

Medic Star did not have third-party reviews on the web and instead, the store only had on-site comments from its alleged customers. Although I prefer using third-party reviews due to their objectivity, I had no choice but to use these reviews since they’re all I’ve got:

Medic Star Reviews

Medic Star Reviews

The on-site testimonials for the Medic Star store were all positive and were from grateful clients who were able to have an excellent purchase experience with the online platform. According to Mark Williams, he was grateful for Medic Star since it has provided him with a way to save time and effort going to local drugstores.

J McMillan also appreciated the Medic Star store and assured other clients that the store was the real deal – according to him Medic Star’s products were high-quality and effective to use.

However, since these testimonials were only found on-site, these reports were not really as reliable as third-party website or independent reviews. I’m not saying that all of these reviews are fake – I’m just saying that they may not be as reliable as they seem. Reviews 2018

There were no 2018 reviews for Medic Star, but the shop still had more on-site testimonials we can refer to:

Medic Star Testimonials

Medic Star Testimonials

Naturally, buyer comments found on the Medic Star platform were positive and were all about being thankful for Medic Star’s good service. Buyers noted that they have received their orders from the store and have also mentioned that the items they have bought from Medic Star were effective and safe to use. However, as I’ve said before, these reviews were not 100% reliable because they have originated from the Medic Star store and were perhaps just concocted by the Medic Star store. Coupon Codes

Free Airmail Shipping on Medic Star

Free Airmail Shipping on Medic Star

Although the Medic Star site had no coupon code offers for its buyers, the store did have other deals that buyers were maybe able to enjoy while the shop was still online:

According to one banner on the Medic Star platform, customers with orders of 3 or more items qualified for the free regular shipping offer.

More Deals on Medic Star

More Deals on Medic Star

Other bonuses implemented on Medic Star were the following:

  • Freebie pills on every order
  • Free express shipping for orders $300 or more
  • Free insurance for the products for orders more than $200
  • Bulk order discounts – lower prices for buyers with more orders

Buyers were able to maximize their savings at Medic Star using these discount offers.


Medic Star was another online pharmacy that was unsuccessful in thriving in the online market. It’s not known what became of Medic Star, but since the store’s domain is now for sale, the least we can assume for Medic Star was that it closed down because it was unable to maintain the annual hosting fees charged by its web hosting company.

Medic Star is now closed which means that former clients of this store should start looking for web drugstores to patronize in lieu of this shop. If you’re one of the former Medic Star clients, you might want to think about using the stores on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies instead of searching for possible Medic Star reincarnations in the market.

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