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Copy of 725 Medsforless was a former online drugstore that has ceased to serve its buyers just recently. Based on the available records for the website Meds for Less Biz, the shop has existed for several years (perhaps earlier than 2003) but has eventually closed its doors to its worldwide consumers. There is no information about this store’s location, but the shop’s web hosting location was detected in the Philippines and the owner country of the shop was identified in Romania.

When it comes to the products available, the platform Meds for Less Biz had the usual lineup of medicines found at common web pharmacies. There’s really nothing unique about the Meds for Less Biz store – the shop has also offered medicines for impotence, skin care, heart diseases, and virtually any medical condition you can think about, including HIV, Alzheimer’s, hair loss, and many others. Meds for Less Biz, like most of its online drugstore contemporaries, did not require its buyers to provide their prescriptions for their orders. The shop, however, encouraged its buyers to consult their doctors first before trying out medicines from the shop, especially for the first time.

Although there were no graphics on the most recent web records for the Meds for Less Biz store, I was able to see that the store had the following products as its bestsellers:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.69 each pill
  • Generic Levitra: $1.50 each pill
  • Generic Amoxil: $1.25 each pill
  • Generic Cipro: $0.78 each pill
  • Generic Lasix: $0.42 each pill
  • Generic Viagra Soft: $0.90 each pill

According to Meds for Less Biz, all of its products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (although at least by the local FDA). Honestly, not all of the products sold by Meds for Less Biz were approved by the FDA since not all countries have approved generic versions for the brand name products, like for instance generic Viagra in the United States, Australia, and some countries.

Although Meds for Less Biz did have records on the web, some of the sections of this online drugstore were inaccessible, hence making me unable to access information like the store’s shipping fee, shipping options, preferred payment options, and other important details like its refund and reshipment policies.

Meds for Less Biz did not have a live chat support option, but the store offered its phone numbers and a messaging function for its clients. However, since it’s now closed, the store could not be accessed even via these contact options. Reviews

It’s surprising that an online pharmacy with several years of service still ended up empty when it came to third-party online testimonials. I’ve searched for buyer reports mentioning the Meds for Less Biz online drugstore, but the web was short of mentions and references to the Meds for Less Biz website.

Meds For Less Biz Reviews

Meds For Less Biz Reviews

Instead of the third-party reviews though, the store had on-site testimonials for its service, like the ones you can see above. As you can see, the reviews for Meds for Less Biz were all positive and constructive for the platform – most of the buyers just wrote to confirm that they have received their items from Meds for Less Biz.

Apart from the confirmations, the Meds for Less Biz clients also wrote that they have found the items they’ve purchased from Meds for Less Biz effective and without side effects (this was especially true on reviews for Viagra and other ED medications).

Although the comments for Meds for Less Biz were constructive, I have learned that on-site reviews are not absolutely reliable, considering most of them were only crafted by website owners so they can entice buyers into trusting them and making purchases. Reviews 2018

Because I could not find Meds for Less Biz reviews for the present year, I resolved to check the health of Meds for Less Biz so I could at least gain more insight for the web pharmacy. Here’s the result of the web analysis for this online drugstore:

Meds for Less Biz

Meds for Less Biz

According to the report for Meds for Less Biz, the store was one that has worked for more than 3 years. Apart from this, Google has not yet marked Meds for Less Biz as an unsafe store. However, the shop was identified to have an invalid email address and was also identified to have zero trust records, which made Meds for Less Biz a bit questionable. Coupon Codes

I checked for Meds for Less Biz coupon codes on its former platform, but the store did not have any. However, Meds for Less Biz had the following deals for its buyers:

  • Bulk order discounts: buyers with more orders were entitled to cheaper products
  • Reorder discounts: 2nd and further orders were granted up to 7% discounts
  • Referral discounts: buyers who were able to coax their friends to order from Meds for Less Biz were also given up to 10% discount for their order


Meds for Less Biz failed to maintain its service for years and eventually closed its operations. This was not so surprising since most web pharmacies end up shutting down, disappearing, or failing to maintain their annual hosting fees. In the case of Meds for Less Biz, there was no specific information regarding why it closed down after years of service. Now that Meds for Less Biz’s closed, I suggest using other online stores for your drug needs.

Mattie Hudson

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