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Copy of 726 Medshop, before, was an online pharmacy that sold various kinds of generic products from renowned generic Indian manufacturers. This shop has catered to international clients for several years but unfortunately, Med Shop Online Net did not last forever – the store was forcibly closed by the Project Trans-Atlantic VII, a joint effort of world countries to supposedly eradicate illegal web operators selling counterfeit products.

Despite the current status of this online pharmacy, I still somehow think that stores like Med Shop Online Net are unjustly processed by the government in favor of the big pharmaceutical companies. Come to think of it, there’s really no solid proof of this online drugstore being a counterfeit seller – there was nothing on the website seizure notice that solidly places Med Shop Online Net as a scam site. Not that I’m a hundred percent sure about this – but at the back of my mind, the Project Trans-Atlantic VIII may have a slight margin of error and may have seized even the good stores just because they are in the way of the massive drug conglomerates.

I was lucky to have found web archive information for the Med Shop Online Net store – this online pharmacy had records since 2013. However, as I looked into the web shots of the Med Shop Online store (and double-checked the actual inception date of the site), I’ve found out that Med Shop Online Net was created in 2014 and was hosted in the United States.

Med Shop Online Net did not look the same as most of the online drugstores I’ve been to before, but this online drugstore offered products that were typically offered by web drugstores. For instance, there’s a strong emphasis on erectile dysfunction medicines on Med Shop Online Net – frankly, all the medicines found on the Med Shop Online store were for impotence treatment. There were no categories for the medicines on Med Shop Online Net (since all of them were for one medical condition alone), but the store has created a compendium of drugs on the left side so buyers already know what to expect from the store.

Of course, the prices for medicines here were inexpensive – for instance, instead of spending almost $100 on one Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra pill, Med Shop Online Net has offered generic substitutes for each drug for only $0.69, $1.30, and $2.00, respectively. Apart from the regular ED pills, the shop also sold unconventional forms of these medicines, like for instance, jelly, soft pill, and more. Prescriptions were not required on Med Shop Online Net, although the store encouraged the clients to visit their doctors before trying out the medicines on the shop. Reviews

Besides the blog articles about Med Shop Online Net, there were no other third-party references to Med Shop Online Net on the web. This was unfortunate but honestly, not surprising at all, since most online drugstores I’ve been to never really had third-party reviews.

Med Shop Online Net Reviews

Med Shop Online Net Reviews

The thing, Med Shop Online Net did have testimonials – however, they were on-site reviews and were generic comments I’ve seen from one website to another. Med Shop Online Net may have been a part of a network drugstore or was an affiliate marketing website, hence the copied reviews.

Although the statements in the review section were positive, I can’t just take these reviews and believe them 100%. As I’ve said, they were already copied to begin with, and were also in part untruthful because that’s the way it is with on-site testimonials. Reviews 2018

No reviews for Med Shop Online Net existed in 2018, probably because the shop was shut down by the government in this year. However, we can also impute this lack of reviews to the store’s unpopularity – if the shop was really popular before, then it should have had online testimonials even from the past years of its existence.

Reviews are essential for buyers since they help judge an online selling platform without purchasing from them personally. Med Shop Online Net having no reviews indicates that not only was it unpopular, but perhaps also a bit untrustworthy – but, I couldn’t really tell because Med Shop Online Net is closed now. Coupon Codes

Free Pills and Free Shipping on Med Shop Online Net

Free Pills and Free Shipping on Med Shop Online Net

Even if Med Shop Online Net did not have coupon codes, it had several offers that its buyers would have benefited from:

Based on the information I’ve found on the former Med Shop Online Net website, the shop gave free pills and free shipping to its clients. However, these deals were conditional – buyers were required to purchase a minimum number of pills or a minimum amount before these freebies were unlocked.

Besides these, Med Shop Online Net buyers were also given return discounts (5 to 7%) depending on their purchase frequency.


Med Shop Online Net sold generic erectile dysfunction medicines to assist men suffering from ED afford their long-term treatments. However, Med Shop Online Net’s operation was shut down by the Project Trans-Atlantic VII, a joint effort of world governments to eradicate illegal online sellers. There was no proof that Med Shop Online Net was really an illicit store vending counterfeit medications, but since it’s now closed, buyers to look for new online pharmacies to use all the same. I suggest using shops on our TOP Vendors list.

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