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My is an online pharmacy reported to have been established in 2004. This pharmacy from its name claims to be located in Canada, but they have revealed that their drugs are manufactured and shipped from India. So, it is very likely that this pharmacy is really operated from India. The products I have seen that they offer include skin care, cholesterol, blood pressure, birth control, sleeping aid, weight loss; among others. Furthermore, on their website, certain erectile dysfunction meds are displayed. For the fact that these ED drugs were displayed on their website implies this is one of their main sales. the drugs are generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. Generic Viagra is sold by this vendor at $0.67 per pill, generic Cialis is sold at $0.89 per pill, and generic Levitra is sold at $1.81 per pill. Another popular drug which was displayed on their website is Priligy. Priligy appears to be sold at $1.54 per pill. If you ask me what I think about these prices, they are low. Regarding the FDA approval status of these meds, I have found out that they are Indian FDA approved. This makes sense since this vendor gets its drugs from India. For this reason, I would say their drugs are safe for use.

Furthermore, paying for orders should not be difficult as this pharmacy accepts Visa Card, Mastercard, JCB and Diners Club means of payments. Additionally, I checked for the shipping options this pharmacy has made available to customers and I was able to discover that shipping is done through Express Courier or Airmail. It takes 3 days for Express courier to deliver orders to respective addresses. On the other hand, it takes 7 to 12 days for Airmail to deliver orders to respective addresses. As for the cost of these shipping methods; it appears that Express Courier costs $19.95 and Airmail costs $9.95.

In addition, I checked for the means by which customers could reach the support team of this vendor. It appears the phone option is pretty much the best option available as there is no live chat service on their website. Their contact number is +18554277780.

As for the refund policy of this pharmacy, I was able to discover that they offer 100% refunds only if they fail o deliver the order or the wrong product was delivered. They would also refund if you are not satisfied with the product they receive. Refund can only be given in this case if you return back to the vendor within 30 days. Note that they would charge a $10 restocking fee from your refund. Reviews

I tried getting customer reviews for only to find out that it has no review both on its website and on external websites.

Lack of customer review basically implies that a pharmacy should not be patronized as the extent to its reliability cannot be determined. Without trustable customer reviews, we cannot know for sure if a pharmacy has been involved in the satisfaction of its customers. hence, it is always a risky thing trying out a pharmacy that has no customer reviews at all.

Additionally, lack of customer reviews implies that a pharmacy is not popular among customers. This could be as a result of a poor promotion. Whatever the case may be, it is certain that this pharmacy has not secured a high patronage from patients. Which makes me say that it is better not to try them for the sake of safety. Trying another pharmacy whose reputation is proven with the availability of positive trustable customer reviews. Reviews 2018

Sharing customer reviews of this pharmacy that were dropped in 2018 would take away all doubts about whether the pharmacy can be trusted or not. This is because it would reveal the experience of recent users, thereby, making us know if the vendor should be patronized or not.

As there are no reviews of this pharmacy, It is difficult to determine if this pharmacy can be trusted at the moment. There are no indications to the reputation of this pharmacy at the moment. Hence, it is risky trying them out. Coupon Codes

I also checked to see the discounts offered by This is important because the offering of discounts to customers also tell us a little about the type of vendor we are dealing with. A pharmacy that offers discounts is a customer oriented one; those that do not offer discounts can be said not to care about customers. So, the question now is does this vendor offer any discounts or freebies?

My-canada-store Offers

Trying to checkout Levitra I saw that customers would get 4 free pills on orders from 20 pills which increases to 10 free pills on orders from 60 pills. Customers would also be given free Registered Airmail shipment when orders above $150 are made and a free express shipping on orders above $200 are made. These offers are fair. And indicate that this vendor is customer oriented.

Conclusion is a vendor that has strengths and weaknesses. This vendor appears to have cheap prices for its medication and shipping. I can also say that the freebies it offers customers are also quite impressive. Another strength is the friendliness of its interface coupled. However, its lack of reviews both on its website and on an external website is a great deal breaker. A pharmacy that has no reviews cannot be trusted. This is because there is no prior knowledge of what to expect. It is also certain that this pharmacy is not popular among customers. I advise that you try out another pharmacy. One with trustable positive reviews.

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