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My is an online pharmacy that appears to be focused on the sales of generic medications. This pharmacy was established in 2006, but where it operates from as not been revealed. In my opinion, this pharmacy would most likely be operating from India as it appears that is where their meds come from.

I have noticed several drugs on this platform. These drugs have been put into categories. Some of the categories are Allergy, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Respiratory, Antifungal, Antiviral, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Antibiotics, Antibacterial, Antiviral Surgery, erectile dysfunction etc. For the fact that I had an inclination to find out what erectile dysfunction drugs are offered by this pharmacy and at what price. I decided to go through them and I found two erectile dysfunction meds worthy of note. They include the generic Viagra and Viagra Soft Tabs. These drugs are sold at $0.86 and $1.45 respectively. These prices are low if you agree with me. hence, it is safe to say that this pharmacy offers low prices for medications. Regarding the quality of the generics they sell, this vendor has claimed that it sells only high-quality generics. In other words, they are of the standards required by pharmaceutical bodies. Thus, they should be safe and effective.

Furthermore, I have checked for the payment methods accepted by this vendor and I was able to discover that they accept Visa and Mastercard cards. Virtually everyone has got a Visa or Mastercard, so making payments should not be a problem. This vendor also accepts JCB, Diners Club, Bank Wire Transfer, ACH (Online Check USA), EuroDebit (Online Check EU) and MoneyGram. As for the shipping details, I was able to gather that this vendor uses two shipping methods for delivering packages. The International Unregistered Mail and Trackable Courier Service. The former costs $9.95 and takes 14 to 21 days to deliver orders. The latter costs $29.95 and takes 5 to 9 days to deliver orders. These costs are fair, I must say.

Additionally, I checked through their contact page to see which avenues are open for customers to use in contacting their support staff. I saw no live chat service but I saw phone numbers provided for customers. Us customers could make use of their US toll-free line +18664175821, UK customers could make use of  +44 8704718431 and for all other customers, the general number for this vendor is +16462052937. You can also contact them by dropping an offline message on their contact us form. They have stated that if an automatic short reply does not get to you within 30 minutes, then your message was not received. The timing for a reply to an offline message has not been revealed.

My-pharmacy-shop Contact Us Form

Regarding the refund policy for, this pharmacy has not dropped any details in this regard. I checked their refund and refund page, but no information regarding refunds or returns for that matter were given there. Reviews

To ascertain the credibility of I decided to check for what customers have said concerning their experience using this pharmacy. It would interest you to know that I found nothing. No customer reviews on this website or any other website for that matter. I must say that this is a very bad thing as we cannot tell what to expect patronizing this pharmacy. Customer reviews give a prior knowledge regarding the quality o service of this vendor.

In addition, the lack of reviews shows that this pharmacy is not popular among customers. This could be due to poor promotion. Moreover, it is unwise and unsafe buying from a vendor we cannot find anything about. So, I would suggest that you try another pharmacy that has been proven to be reputable through the comments of customers. Reviews 2018

Like I said in the previous subheading, this pharmacy has no customer reviews at all. Hence, I could not find any customer reviews regarding its recent performance with its customers. We, therefore, cannot tell how safe it is to try this pharmacy. But we can surely tell that it is not to be trusted until reviews start surfacing. I mean it is quite appalling for a pharmacy that has been in operation since 2006 not to have a single customer review. Searching for another pharmacy with great recent reviews is your best bet. Coupon Codes

It is common for online pharmacies to give their customers offers that prove that they are appreciated. Some pharmacies give free pills, some give free shipping offer, and some give discounts on orders. So I checked for what offers customers could benefit from using And I was able to discover that this vendor has no offers at all. This is very disappointing. It shows that this vendor is not customer oriented and definitely does not pay heed to discounts.

Conclusion has not impressed me much save for the low pricing for its products. This pharmacy does not offer highly sort after ED meds like Cialis and Levitra. The pharmacy has also no got a live chat service. Similarly, no discounts are offered by this vendor; which says so much about not putting their customer’s interest at heart. Like you know patients are always ready to take advantage of discounts to save on medication costs. In addition to this, There absolutely isn’t any customer review to point to the quality of service of this vendor. This implies that it is not popular among customers. Patronizing this vendor would be a risk since we cannot predict what to experience. It is for this reason that I cannot recommend this pharmacy to you. Try another pharmacy with a proven credibility.

Mattie Hudson

Author: Mattie Hudson

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