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My Home Doctor was a Canadian online pharmacy that only existed on the web for three years from 2012 up until 2015. It was a pharmacy whose assortment of products were made up entirely of generic medicines, the perfect alternatives to the costly branded drugs. Although it was based in Canada, My Home Doctor sourced its products from different parts of the world, from renown pharmaceutical companies located in countries where medicine prices were regulated by the government. These included countries such as Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Medicine prices weren’t the same for all parts of the world and most of the time, they’re expensive and unaffordable for many people. Purchasing meds at local pharmacies was such a struggle for many customers, leading them to turn to online pharmacies like My Home Doctor where medicine prices were cheaper by more than 90%. The meds that were sold by My Home Doctor were so cheap that its customers only spent a fraction of their money to purchase great quantities of their needed drugs.

The quality of the products which were sold by My Home Doctor was also unquestionable. The pharma companies that supplied the medicines which were sold by My Home Doctor were GMP-certified manufacturers, drug makers that have passed the quality standards that have been set by the World Health Organization. Because of this, the meds on its site were all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use, having passed all its stringent checks and screenings.

As for its selection of meds, My Home Doctor’s product range was not as huge as what the local pharmacies had. In fact, its assortment of products was only limited to a small number of medicine categories, twenty (20) to be exact. But even though the meds that were sold by My Home Doctor was only confined to this small number, the drugs that it sold were what we could call popular and frequently purchased. My Home Doctor no longer bothered to make its selection of drugs as comprehensive as what the local drugstores had but it only focused on providing the medications that were commonly used and sought for by the customers. The medicine categories that were available at My Home Doctor included pain relief drugs, antibiotics, antidepressants, skin care products, diabetes treatment meds, smoking cessation products, cancer drugs, women’s health drugs, men’s health drugs, pet medicines, and others.

Among these products that My Home Doctor had, its fastest-selling and most sought-after products were under the men’s health category and these were the generic versions of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. These mentioned brands were the world’s most popular products for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, a prevalent among elderly males. At local drugstores, these meds had very costly prices that fetched for an average of $75 USD per pill, a price that not many people were able to afford. But My Home Doctor sold the generic versions of these drugs for as low as $1.38 USD for each tablet and that was the reason why its site regularly faced a huge demand for ED drugs back then.

But concerning the reason why My Home Doctor simply decided to halt its operations and close its site down, no one knows. Its domain name still exists to this day but it’s no longer the same site. It’s now a vacant domain which is for sale and its previous content as an online drugstore was now gone. The only place on the internet where its old content can be accessed is through the web archives and users should simply search its domain name on its database to find the captures that were made for it. Reviews

It’s a surprise that no third-party user reviews existed for My Home Doctor as searching the web for user reviews for its website was unfruitful. The preferred reviews for review analysis are third-party reviews due to their unedited and transparent content, something that onsite reviews don’t surely have. But in the absence of third-party reviews, the next best thing were still onsite ones and these would be the ones that we’re going to use.

My Home Doctor User Reviews

My Home Doctor User Reviews

The first review was from a medical specialist named Mary Weller from London and the review that she gave was not for her own but for her patients with ED. Most of her patients used Viagra and it was the drug that gave them temporary relief from the symptoms of impotence. Since she gave this review to My Home Doctor, we can be sure that the Viagra that her patients used came from its website.

John Longman, a customer of My Home Doctor from Ontario, Canada shared his experience of finding about Viagra long ago and ever since then, he has been taking the drug regularly for his ED. The Viagra pills that he purchased from My Home Doctor helped him lead a normal life and overcome his sexual dysfunction.

A client of My Home Doctor named George Winterborne also purchased Viagra from its site but what he reviewed wasn’t the medicine that he ordered but the service that he was given. George appreciates the user-friendliness of its site as he managed to order his meds in no time and his orders also arrived just 2 days later in perfect condition. Reviews 2018

My Home Doctor can no longer receive any reviews for its website as it has already been closed for a long time. Its review section also didn’t seem to have a place where new reviews could be placed so even if it was still available, users won’t be able to review its site. Coupon Codes

The customers of My Home Doctor didn’t only get quality meds from its site but they also received free bonus pills with their orders. My Home Doctor also gave an outright discount of 10% to all orders made on its website.

My Home Doctor Bonus Pills and Discount

My Home Doctor Bonus Pills and Discount


My Home Doctor was an online pharmacy that only existed for three (3) years from 2012 up to 2015. But even if it only stayed on the web for a short amount of time, it was a site that managed to cater to the drug needs of many customers all over the world by providing medicines at cheap costs. The reason for its going away is still unknown up to this day but customers can always check out our list of recommended providers for more reliable pharmacy options.

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