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Online Pharma 24H was an online pharmacy that only existed for a period of 1 year. Compared to other online pharmacies like it, its period of existence was significantly short. Online medicine shops usually last for 5 years up to a decade before deciding to call it quits and closing the business down. Maybe the reason for its closing down was unpopularity because unpopular online drugstores tend to close down much earlier than those stores which are popular. But that was just a speculation as there are hundreds of other possible reasons for the closing down of Online Pharma 24H. Its domain name has not yet been decommissioned but it still exists as a vacant domain that’s being sold by a domain provider. All of its content that made it an online pharmacy has now been stripped down, leaving no trace that it was once an online medicine source.

The earliest capture that was made by the web archives for Online Pharma 24H was taken in June of 2013 and the last capture that still showed that it was an online drugstore was also captured in the month of June exactly one (1) year later. Online Pharma 24H left no notice on its website before completely disappearing on the web which could’ve been frustrating to its customers. Its site simply became inaccessible for a certain period of time but after resurfacing, it was no longer an online pharmacy but it was just reduced to a vacant domain. Another logical guess that we could make concerning the reason why Online Pharma 24H closed down was that its contract with its domain provider has expired, forcing it to close down for being unable to renew.

As for the assortment of pharmaceutical products that it had, Online Pharma 24H only had a very limited selection of drugs. As a matter of fact, its products were only divided into six (6) different medicine categories and this was quite few for an online pharmacy. These six (6) medicine categories were divided into products for weight loss, pain relief, anxiety, erectile dysfunction (ED), sleeping problems, and muscle injuries. In total, Online Pharma 24H only had fourteen (14) different products on its website and the category with the most medicines under it was the anxiety category.

If the products that were sold by Online Pharma 24H were generic meds or not, it’s not easy to figure out because the prices of their meds were a little more expensive than what the online pharmacies usually had. But when compared to the medicine prices that the local drugstores offered, its products were still cheaper and based on this, we can conclude that its products may have been generics.

Viagra 100 mg Price, 30 Pills for 5 USD

Viagra 100 mg Price, 30 Pills for $135 USD

As a price example, Online Pharma 24H sold its Viagra 100 mg pills at $135 USD for 30 tablets or $4.5 USD for each pill. On the other hand, the common price that the online pharmacies asked for their Viagra pills were from $0.69 to $1 USD. Based on this comparison, we can say that the reason for Online Pharma 24H’s higher medicine prices might have something to do with its supplier’s pricing. If it had the same supplier as the other online pharmacies, its medicines prices might also be lower.

Online Pharma 24H Customer Support Hotlines

Online Pharma 24H Customer Support Hotlines

Since it catered to customers from different parts of the world, Online Pharma 24H made customer service hotlines available for its clients to contact in case that they needed assistance with anything concerning its website or its products. The customer support hotlines that it had were +1 888 814 8187, +44 800 0014 8865, and +61 1800 236 401. The first one was for its clients from the US, the second one was for callers from the UK, and the last one was for its customers from Australia. If these hotlines operated for 24/7 or not, we can only guess as nothing was mentioned on its website before concerning the availability hours of its customer service department when it was still active.

The only means that was used by Online Pharma 24 for shipping the orders of its customers was the express mail service (EMS) and it guaranteed a delivery timeframe from 7 to 21 days based on the destination of the orders. As for the payment means that were accepted by Online Pharma 24H before, it only honored credit card payments from cards like VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard. Reviews

The site of Online Pharma 24H didn’t have a reviews section which means that we won’t get any onsite reviews from it. The internet also gave us no results for any sites that had third-party reviews for Online Pharma 24H and this would now leave us with no reviews to use for analysis. Maybe the reason why Online Pharma 24H didn’t have any reviews was because of its very short period of existence. If it had stayed a little bit longer on the web, it might have been able to build a following of regular customers that would’ve given it an excellent review if its services were good.

Since there were no reviews for Online Pharma 24H, there would be no way for us to know about its reputation back when it was still on the web. We’re in the dark concerning how praiseworthy or how poor its services were and we have no way of knowing if its products were effective or not since there were no customer reviews to confirm them. Reviews 2018

If Online Pharma 24H didn’t have any reviews then, it would no longer be possible for its site to have any reviews now. Its site can still be accessed but it’s just a vacant domain now and not anymore an online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Even if Online Pharma 24H didn’t provide any freebies to its customers, it appeared to offer bulk purchase discounts to its customers because as the quantity of drugs purchased on its site increased, the price per pill also decreased. Like the example that was given earlier, its Viagra pills were sold for $135 for 30 pills. But if its quantity was increased to 180, the price was reduced to only $369 or $2.05 USD for each tablet.


Online Pharma 24H was an online pharmacy whose existence was only for a brief period of time, existing for only 1 year from 2013 to 2014. Its selection of products was very limited and its medicine prices were higher than most online pharmacies during its time. Customers who are looking for pharmacies where they would save big and have quality meds, they should check our list of top-rated providers.

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