Overnight-drugs.com Review – An ED Medications Pharmacy with no Feedback from Customers


Overnight-drugs.com is an online pharmacy whose support staffs are situated in the United States and in Europe as well which means that they operate from 2 locations. 365Pills has been in business since 2008 but it is claimed that the generic manufacturers who work in partnership with them for the supply of drugs have been in business much longer. There is no proof that overnight-drugs.com has been verified by the regulatory bodies.

Overnight-drugs.com claims that they do not work under the regulations of the FDA since they only deal with generic medications. It is claimed that they work under the guidelines of the World Health Organization in maintaining the quality of the medications sold. All the generic pills sold are manufactured in India by leading pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Aurochem Laboratories, Biobaxy Technologies, Ajanta Pharma, Centurion Laboratories, and Sunrise Remedies, among others.

365 Pills mostly deals with erectile dysfunction medications and only one hair loss product by the name Propecia. The medications are classified into various categories so that customers will find the right drugs for them easily when placing their orders. Among the major classification is the erectile dysfunction which contains medications such as Viagra which is sold at $0.77, Cialis which will cost $0.77 per pill, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Professional, Viagra soft, Viagra Oral Jelly, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Professional, Cialis soft, Cialis Oral Jelly, Levitra, Levitra Professional, Kamagra, and Kamagra Oral Jelly.

The other drug classifications are Premature Ejaculation which contains drugs such as Priligy, Viagra w/ Dapoxetine, Cialis w/ Dapoxetine, and Levitra w/ Dapoxetine. No prescription will be required when purchasing any of the medications stocked by overnight-drugs.com. Customers have the option of placing an order via phone or online, whichever is convenient for them.

The payment methods that will be accepted by overnight-drugs.com are American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. If you wish to cancel your order, it has to be within 12 hours after the order has been placed. You should notify the customer service team about the intention to cancel the order and provide a valid reason for the cancellation.

The shipping of medications from overnight-drugs.com will be done to most countries worldwide except Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, and South Africa. The medications will be shipped via the Express Delivery method which will take a maximum of 9 days and will be charged $29.95 for the shipping or the Regular Delivery which will take a maximum of 21 days to have the drugs delivered and will be free of charge. All the orders will be shipped from India, Singapore or Hong Kong where the manufacturers who make the drugs are located.

If the order has not been delivered within the agreed time, you will be required to inform overnight-drugs.com so that they can follow up. The drugs will be re-shipped free of charge or a refund issued if you cannot wait for them to be reshipped. The refund might take time depending on the bank through which the transaction was carried out.

It will not be possible to return the medications once the order has been delivered even if the drugs have not been opened.

To contact overnight-drugs.com, you can only use the toll-free number 1-800-490-0365 to make a call. There is no contact form through which one will be able to send a message or even a live chat. The only time one will be required to send a message is when confirming the order status.

Overnight-drugs.com Reviews

Though overnight-drugs.com claims to sell and deliver quality and also claims to have over 150,000 satisfied customers who have purchased medications from them, there is no way we can prove that this is true. No reviews are available from the customers who have been buying medications from them, either on their website or from an independent review site.

If indeed it is true that such a large number of customers have been buying from them, it could be that overnight-drugs.com does not encourage their customers to leave a feedback any time they complete a transaction. This would discourage the customers who only make a purchase after reading a positive feedback from the customers who have previously purchased from a particular website.

Overnight-drugs.com Reviews 2018

There are no current reviews from the customers who have transacted with overnight-drugs.com which makes it hard for us to know if the medications delivered were of the right quality or if the orders are delivered within the agreed time.

I tried searching for complaints as well but none were available which means that this store is unpopular despite being functional for over 9 years.

Overnight-drugs.com Coupon Codes

Overnight-drugs.com has several discounts that customers buying from them will benefit from.

For all orders that will be delivered via the express shipping method, the delivery will be free.

There will be 4 free bonus pills that are given to all customers who place an order at overnight-drugs.com. It has not been specified the type of pills that will be given and only the customer who receives the order will know this.

Looking at the table below, it is notable that the price per pill is lower with larger packs since a higher discount will be applied. This means that customers who want to spend less on their medications should buy their medications in large quantities.


Overnight-drugs.com Discounts


Overnight-drugs.com is an online pharmacy that has no feedback from the customers who have been buying from them despite having been in business for the past 9 years. It is claimed that there are over 150,000 satisfied customers but there is no way we can prove if this is true since they did not leave a feedback. 365 Pills mostly deals with the sale of generic erectile dysfunction medications which have not been approved by the FDA which could be another reason why this store is not popular. The prices are, however, affordable and customers will be able to save more though it is not certain if the quality of the drugs is the same as the medications sold in local pharmacies.

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