Ozpills.Com Review – A Pharmacy Offering Its Services Only in Australia


OZ Pills is an online med store that has its location in Australia. This med store has been offering its services to Australians since the year 2012. The drugstore has a simple catalog which is geared towards eliminating male health problems. The categories of medications available at Ozpills.Com include Erectile Dysfunction meds, Premature Ejaculation drugs, and male pattern balding meds. The drugs available on this online pharmacy have all received approval from the FDA. Ozpills.Com indicates that their major aim is to provide Australians with a safe and easy way for them to order their meds online and pay less.

The drugstore does not deal largely with brand medications. The pharmacy sells generic meds mostly. I checked the prices for erectile dysfunction medications. A pill of brand Viagra on this drugstore will cost you $1.50. If you prefer using tadalafil, a pill of generic Cialis will be worth $2.95. If you are on a budget, it is important to note that the prices offered by Ozpills.Com are not the lowest. Getting medications online at much lower prices is possible.

The drugstore offers only offers 2 payment methods. These include Visa and Mastercard. The pharmacy indicates that all your transactions on the drugstore will be safe and secure. Ozpills.com offers refunds. You will be eligible for a refund if you cancel your order. For your order to be canceled successfully, you have to do the canceling before your order gets shipped from the Ozpills.Com supplier. This means that you can only cancel your orders successfully within a period of 24 hours. The pharmacy also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you get your meds and they fail to produce the results you were expecting.

Your meds will be delivered to you via the Express Mail Service (EMS). This usually takes about 7 to 14 days. Although the pharmacy did not indicate the shipping cost on its order delivery page, I manage to figure out the cost when I added some products to the cart. The shipment will cost the buyer 22.50 dollars. The pharmacy indicates that if you order drugs worth more than 150 dollars, your meds will be shipped for free.

Communication via live chat at Ozpills.Com is not possible. However, you can communicate with the drugstore customer support department via email or via a call. To communicate via the email, you need to use the contact form available on the drugstore contact page. To reach the customer support department via a call, you can use (02) 9099 5738.

Ozpills.Com Reviews

I tried locating customer testimonials left behind by people who had already sourced their meds at Ozpills.Com. I could not locate any reviews written on third-party sites. What I managed to locate are testimonials available on the pharmacy official website. Just like with the majority of the reviews available in the official pharmacy websites, the testimonials were positive too. After reviewing so many websites, I have not seen even one pharmacy with a negative review on the site. Who would allow something negative to be said about the shop? That’s why I don’t trust on-site feedback, it can be 100% controlled by the owner of the shop. I have captured some of them below:


Ozpills.Com Testimonials

Bruce P who resides in Geelong indicates that he takes erectile dysfunction meds in order to be sure that he will have the ability to perform well and not because he has a problem. He says he has the ability to afford the ED pills with the help of Ozpills.Com.

Harry M from Perth indicates that he got prompt service. He received his order in 10 days and the Cialis works perfectly. He says that he cannot tell the difference between the generic pills and the brand pills. He is happy a local pharmacy is available.

Bil from Melbourne is happy with OZ Pills. The ED meds he had ordered arrived and he claims that they work perfectly. He says that he will be re-ordering from the drugstore again.

Ozpills.Com Reviews 2018

Ozpills.Com does not include the date for when the reviews available on their testimonials page were left. This makes it impossible to determine which reviews were written in 2018 and which ones were written earlier on. Below, I have captured some more reviews. However, I am not sure whether these were really written in 2018 or not.


Ozpills.Com User Comments

Harry B wishes that he had found Ozpills.Com years ago. He says that nowadays he has the ability to buy his Viagra anytime without having to worry about the medication cost. Martin from Adelaide reports that he chose Ozpills.Com because it is located in Australia. The pharmacy works the same as the stores he had been using. However, the prices are much cheaper. Lance M from Brisbane says that it is great that he does not require to see his doctor anymore for him to get a Viagra prescription. He reports that the prices being offered by Ozpills.Com are great.

Ozpills.Com Coupon Codes

On top of OZ Pills offering the free shipping for orders above 150 dollars, the pharmacy also had numerous coupons online. I have captured a couple of coupon codes I managed to locate below:


Ozpills.Com Coupon Codes

The first and second coupon codes allow the buyer to get a 15% discount on all his erectile dysfunction medications and premature ejaculation drugs. The third offer which is a deal will allow you to get a 30% discount off eligible purchases.


The fact that Ozpills.Com had no testimonials on third-party reviews is the only thing that made me doubt the quality of the drugstore. The reviews available on the official site are overly positive. The issue is that the reviews available on a pharmacy website are usually not that trustworthy. Some pharmacies will use fake testimonials to attract buyers. Ozpills.Com has nice prices. However, these are not the best you can find online. There are online pharmacies offering better prices. The fact that OZ Pills offers their services only in Australia makes it impossible for the drugstore to be used by international buyers.

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