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Pills-for-health.net was a mail order drugstore that was located in the United States but is no longer online. I tried all means to access the website but since it was not possible, I decided to use the web archived to get more information regarding its operations. The earliest records were archived in June 2016 and the latest capture was in June 2017 which means the operations went on for only one year.

Pills-for-health.net used to sell a lot of medications that were grouped according to the sickness or health issue for which they were prescribed. Some of them are Cholesterol, Asthma, Men’s ED Packs, Skin Care, Diuretics, Stop Smoking, Cardiovascular diseases, Women’s Health, Gastrointestinal Tract, Hair Loss, Anticonvulsant, Anxiety, Antiparasitic, Obesity, Antifungals, Antidepressants, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Blood Pressure, Herbals, Hormones, and Birth Control, among others. All the medications that were stocked had been approved by the World Health Organization and the FDA.

I also noted that the bestsellers could be accessed on the web page and among them were the Brand Viagra which was sold at $2.45 per pill, Brand Cialis which was sold at $2.70, Propecia, Cytotec, Doxycycline, Viagra Professional, Kamagra, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Professional, Levitra, Amoxil, Clomid, Diflucan, Prednisone, Accutane, Cipro, Super ED Trial Pack, Zithromax, and Priligy, among others.

Customers had been given several means that could be used when paying for their medications which included Visa, MasterCard, and eCheck. Customers who wished to cancel their order were allowed to do so before the end of 24 hours after the order was submitted.

The Sending of customers’ medications was carried out using the International Unregistered Mail where they would get to the customer before the end of 21 days or the Trackable Courier Service which took about of 9 days to have the medications delivered. The amount that was charged for the shipping has not been specified.

Incase there was a problem during the shipping where the drugs got misplaced, pills-for-health.net would reship the medications without asking for any payment or grant a refund for the total value of the drugs. Customers who gave a wrong address leading to the loss of the drugs will have to make a fresh order as pills-for-health.net will not reship the medications for free in this case.

Incase there was a need to contact pills-for-health.net, the customers had the option of sending a message using the contact form that was provided on the website and the response would be sent via the email address that the customer would provide when submitting the message. A live chat option was also available where customers would get immediate answers to their questions or comments.

Pills-for-health.net Reviews

I found some reviews on the website that hosted pet-for-health.net using the web archives which were positive. Customers were appreciating that original products were delivered to them and that they were sold at affordable prices.

Anni from Arlington had ordered Acai Berry pills and was happy when they were delivered in their original packaging. She adds that the services at pills-for-health.net were very fast and according to her, they were the best among all the online pharmacies she had purchased from.

Jean from Marseilles is glad that her sister could afford to pay for her medications even without an insurance cover. The review was an appreciation from her entire family.

Gustavo from Cagliari had been buying Viagra from pills-for-health.net which had been very effective. He says that since he started taking it, he had suffered from painful muscles which he was asking if they are a part of Viagra side effects. No response was given to this question by the pharmacy which was very unprofessional.

Robin from London say was recommending Viagra to anyone who suffered from erectile dysfunction and wanted to feel like a teenager again. He says at 67 years, he had struggled with erectile dysfunction until he discovered the power Viagra in treating his complication.


Pills-for-health.net Reviews

Reviews that are on the official seller’s websites are always positive and this is the same case with pills-for-health.net. The problem is not knowing if they are true or have been made up as a way of boosting sales by attracting more customers.

Pills-for-health.net Reviews 2018

Pills-for-health.net is no longer online and it would be impossible to find any recent reviews from their past customers. What I found on their website were educational posts which had been posted by individuals who were not customers. We cannot rely on this to gauge the reliability of pills-for-health.net.

I checked the report from scam advisor regarding the services that pills-for-health.net offered and was surprised when I noted that they had a high trust rating. I do not know what criteria was followed when coming up with this conclusion since there were no independent reviews from the customers who used to shop from them.


Pills-for-health.net Scam Advisor Report

Pills-for-health.net Coupon Codes

Pills-for-health.net did not have any active offers that customers buying medications from them would benefit from. This was unlike other online drugstores that keep activating new offers every now and then as a way of keeping their customers coming back for more. This could be the reason it failed to stay in business for a long time as customers are always looking for a pharmacy that will enable them to save more on their medications.


Pills-for-health.net was another internet pharmacy based in the United States which is now offline. The pharmacy’s operations lasted for only one year which was such a short period for a business to remain operational. All the medications sold had been approved by the FDA and the prices of the medications were very low compared to other online pharmacies. Due to the lack of independent reviews, however, it is difficult to tell if this was a reputable online pharmacy or a scam website. Customers who could have been getting medications from them now have to look for another source of medications. If you need help in choosing the right online pharmacy, you can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores.

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