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Popularsaverpharmacy.com was among the online drugstores whose domain have been possessed by the ICE. The excuses given for such acts is the interference by the big manufacturing companies who regard the small pharmaceutical companies selling generic medications online as a threat to their survival. I searched through the web archives to get some information regarding the operations of Trusted Tablets and discovered that the first information regarding it was stored in the archives in 2015 which is most likely the year it began its operations.

Trusted Tablets claimed to have been in operation for over nine years and that is was among the leading internet pharmacy dealing with the sale of generic medications. All the medications sold had been approved by the Indian FDA as most of them were made by Indian manufacturers.

The drugs had not been categorized in any way and customers had to search if the medications they wanted to buy were in stock. The drugs were searched using the first letter and all the medications that started with that letter would be displayed. This was quite complicated if one was not sure about the name of the drugs he wanted to buy. Some of the medications that were sold at Trusted Tablets required a valid prescription before the order was processed.

The bestsellers had been well outlined on the main page and they included Generic Viagra whose selling price was $0.69 for each pill, Generic Cialis which cost $1.30 per pill, Generic Zithromax, Kamagra, Generic Priligy, Generic Propecia, Generic Amoxil, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Cialis Super force, Generic Cipro, Generic Clomid, Generic Diflucan, Generic Lasix, Generic Female Cialis, Generic Nolvadex, Generic Synthroid, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Levitra, Generic Levitra Soft, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, Generic Levitra Super Force, Generic Levitra Professional, Generic Viagra Oral Jelly, and Penegra, among others.

Payment of the medications bought was only done via credit card and the money to be used in the payment was deducted when the relevant department approved the order after following the necessary verification process. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after the orders were placed.

Shipping customers’ medications was done to most countries worldwide except a few Asian countries. All the orders originated from India since they were shipped from the manufacturers’ warehouses. The shipping was either through the Express International Mail which took a duration of 9 days or the Standard International Airmail where the medications were delivered in a maximum of 21 days. The cost for the EMS shipping method was $30 and the person who chose the International Registered Mail would pay $10 for the shipping.

If the package was delivered in bad shape or no delivery was made at all, popularsaverpharmacy.com had made a promise to reship the order without a request for an extra pay or give back the amount used to pay for the drugs. Loss of the medications that was as a result of giving the wrong address was not compensated and a customer had to place a fresh order if he still wished to get the medications shipped. The return of medications to Trusted Tablets was not allowed as the safety of the drugs during the shipping was not guaranteed.

To contact Trusted Tablets, customers would use the numbers +1 800 532 4808, +1 718 475 9088 or +44 203 011 0241 to make a call. There was also a contact form that customers would use to convey a message to the customers’ service department and a response would be delivered in the customer’s inbox which is the reason why email addresses were required.

Popularsaverpharmacy.com Reviews

I discovered several on-site testimonials where all the customers had spoken well about their transactions with popularsaverpharmacy.com. Customers were appreciating the receipt of medications on time and that they were very effective. They were also happy that they paid less for the drugs compared to what they would have paid in a local pharmacy.

Dave said that the medications were delivered within the agreed time and that they worked beyond his expectations. He is also happy that adequate information was provided on the website so that he could be able to place an order knowing what to expect.

Steve is also another customer who used to buy medications from Trusted Tablets and he was happy that the Viagra pills were very affordable. He said that after taking the Viagra pills, he would be able to perform sexually without any problem.

Kieran said that the services offered at popularsaverpharmacy.com were very efficient. The medications were delivered on time and as a result, he recommended Trusted Tablets to some of his friends.


Popularsaverpharmacy.com Reviews

Reviews that are found on the same website with an online pharmacy may not be true and could have been written by the pharmacy workers to promote it. We do not know the origin of the reviews and cannot make any conclusion regarding the reliability of popularsaverpharmacy.com.

Popularsaverpharmacy.com Reviews 2018

Trusted Tablet is now offline and it is, therefore, not possible to get any recent reviews from their customers.

I checked the scam Advisor report to know more regarding the reputation of popularsaverpharmacy.com and there was an indication was that it had a low trust rating. Though it is indicated that the website was located in the United States, the actual location was hidden.


Popularsaverpharmacy.com Scam Advisor Report

Popularsaverpharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Trusted tablets had a few offers that customers buying from them would benefit from. Among them was the free shipping though there is no indication if it was free for all orders or for a specific amount of purchase.

Customers were also given free pills and the number depended on the number of pills purchased.


Popularsaverpharmacy.com Discounts


Popularsaverpharmacy.com was another store that used to stock a large number of generic medications that were sold at affordable prices. Unfortunately, its domain was taken by the ICE as a result of undue influence from the larger brand manufacturers who regard the small online pharmacies that sell generic medications as a threat to their survival. Customers who used to buy from Trusted Tablets have to look for another online pharmacy to buy their medications. You can refer to our list of Top Web Drugstores if you need help in choosing the right online pharmacy.

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