Potency-help.com Review – Another e-Drugstore Not Able to Survive in Online Business


Potency-help.com is no longer online and my attempts to access the website did not yield results. I tried searching for trusted reviews from the customers who have been buying from them but none were available. The only option was referring to the web archives to get more information regarding how the pharmacy operated.

The earliest archived information was from 2012 which could have been the year potency-help.com was established and the last capture was in 2014. However, in the ‘about us’ section, potency-help.com claims to have been in operations for nine years. It was also claimed that potency-help.com was among the leading online pharmacies dealing with the sale of generic medications that had been approved by the Indian FDA.

The medications that customers could purchase at potency-help.com had been sub-divided into several groups based on the purpose for which they were manufactured. Among the classifications were Alcoholism, Cardiovascular Diseases, Erectile Dysfunction, Birth Control, Antifungals, Antibiotics, Eye Care, Gastrointestinal Tract, Women’s Health, Stop Smoking, Neurology Disorder, Urinary Tract, Muscle Relaxant, Obesity, Surgery, Men’s Health, Hypertension, and Mental Disorders, among others. Some of the medications in the above categories required a prescription before the order was processed and customers were required to send it via fax.

The top-selling medications had been displayed on the homepage and they included Generic Viagra where $0.90 would be paid for every pill, Generic Cialis that cost $1.90 per pill, Generic Nolvadex, Generic Priligy, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Clomid, Kamagra, Generic Levitra, Generic Propecia, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Zithromax, Generic Levitra Soft, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, and Generic Levitra Super force, among others.

Customers who purchased medications from potency-help.com could only pay for their purchases via credit card. Like many other online pharmacies, the money was deducted from the customer’s account once he pressed the submit button and the order verified.

All the medications were shipped from their respective manufacturers in India to all countries all over the world except for a few Asian Countries. Customers had the option of choosing the Trackable Courier Service where the customers would wait for their order for 9 days or the Standard International Airmail where the delivery of medications would take 21 days to have the delivery done. The cost for the trackable courier service was $30 and the cost for the international airmail was $10. There was a free shipping offer though I could not get information regarding the value of the order that qualified for the free shipping. Orders that contained more than 90 pills were subdivided into different packages that were delivered separately.

In case the package being shipped was lost or damaged during the handling, potency-help.com had promised to reship the lost medications for free or pay back the money that the customer paid for his medications. If the loss was as a result of giving the wrong address, no compensation would be offered and a customer who still needed to have the medications shipped would have to place a fresh order.

To contact potency-help.com, customers had been provided with several numbers +1 800 532 48 08, +1 718 313 14 98 or +44 203 011 02 41 to make a call. There was also a contact form that customers had been given for use when sending messages to the customer care team (response would be sent to them through the email address provided). A live support was available and customers were able to reach out to the support team and get direct answers to their questions or comments.

Potency-help.com Reviews

I came across some reviews that were on the same web page as potency-help.com that spoke positively about it. The customers appreciated the timely delivery of their medications and the effectiveness of the pills delivered. Customers were also happy that they were able to save more on their medications.

David says that his order was delivered and on using the pills, he was able to overcome his erectile dysfunction complication and felt like he was 18 years again. As a result, he had promised to place another order.

Mark had his order delivered on time and the pills were very effective. His wife noted the effects of the pills and sent her appreciation as well.

Another client by the name Mike says that his received his order on time. His joy was expressed by repetitively appreciating the fast delivery of his order.

When DN placed an order the support team followed up until he was able to receive his medications. He says that the erectile dysfunction pills are very effective and sent his appreciation.


Potency-help.com Reviews

Onsite reviews have a high possibility of being changed to meet the needs of the pharmacy which in this case would be to attract more customers. Some reviews could be true but because of the many incidences where reviews are copied or fabricated, the reviews about potency-help.com cannot be trusted as well.

Potency-help.com Reviews 2018

Since potency-help.com stopped providing pharmaceutical services, it is not possible to find any recent reviews. I checked the scam advisor report regarding this website and noted that it had been threat-listed.

Scam Advisor Report on Potency-help

Scam Advisor Report on Potency-help.com

Potency-help.com Coupon Codes

Free Pills Offer

Free Pills Offer

Customers buying from potency-help.com used to enjoy a few offers every time they purchased medications.

For all orders placed, free pills were offered. The information regarding the number of pills given per order has not been provided.

There was also a free shipping offer, though the value of the order that qualified for free shipping has not been indicated.

Free Shipping Offer

Free Shipping Offer


Potency-help.com is now out of business and its domain is no longer accessible. The prices of the generic medications were low which made it possible for customers to afford their medications. Due to the absence of authentic customer reviews from people who used to shop from them, it is impossible to determine if Potency-help was a reliable online pharmacy. Customers who used to buy from them have to look for another source of medications among the available online pharmacies. You can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores to get help in choosing a reliable online pharmacy.

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