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Promptpillsstore pharmacy claimed to offer smart savings to their customers. Unfortunately, its website was suspended by the ICE and there is no way it can be accessed. The main reason for the suspension is the interference of the well-established brand manufacturers who see the existence of online pharmacies that sell generic medications as a threat.

The earliest records in regards to the operations of were recorded in the web archives in 2013 which could be the year it began its operations. The operations went on for five years within which customers had been guaranteed complete satisfaction.

All the medications that were stocked had been listed on the homepage and this made it very easy for the customers who were placing their orders. Unlike other online pharmacies who categorize the medications stocked according to the health complication they will be used to treat, had displayed the medications in an alphabetical order. Some of the medications stocked included Amoxil, Cialis, Clomid, Cipro, Celebrex, Deltasone, Flagyl, Kamagra, Kamagra Soft, Lasix, Levaquin, Priligy, Strattera, Trial Packs, Viagra, Xenical, Zithromax, Zovirax, Levitra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, and Viagra Soft, among others.

The best sellers which were very few had also been listed on the homepage and they included Cialis which cost $1.67 per pill, Cialis Soft, Diflucan, Viagra which cost $1.12 per pill, Kamagra, Levitra and Viagra Soft. Customers who prefer to use brand medications had to look for another source of medications as only stocked generic medications. No prescription was required to purchase any of the medications that were stocked at

The accepted means of paying for the medications purchased is via credit card only which was charged as soon as the order was submitted and approved. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after placing the order.

The shipping of all medications was done from the United States though it has not been specified the countries that used to ship to. The cost of the shipping has also not been indicated, though the customers were promised fast delivery of their orders with some being delivered in 2 days.

The information regarding what would happen if the medications were lost or damaged during the shipping. The wayback machine does not also contain information regarding what happens if the customer wanted to return his medications after they were shipped. I saw a money back guarantee notice on the homepage which means that it is possible that customers received compensation if the medications were lost or damaged during the shipping.

To contact, customers would use the toll-free line 1-702-965-3395 or talk to a customer service representative through the live chat option. It is impossible to know how fast responded to customers’ messages via the live chat since it is no longer working. Reviews

I found some positive reviews regarding the services that used to offer. Most of the customers appreciated the fast delivery of their orders and the quality of medications that were delivered.

Moomoo said that he placed his order on 1st December and in six days; the delivery had already been done. He was sending his appreciation for the great service.

Gman is another happy customer who said that he placed an order on 21st and by 25th; the medications had already been delivered. He adds that the drugs were the real generic.

Lucia had also purchased medications from and his order was delivered in one week.

When Kaiman placed his order, he was happy that the delivery of the medications that had been advertised was very fast. He added that the pills were very effective.

Promptpillsstore Reviews

Chichi said that the process of placing an order at was quite easy and the processing of the order was very fast as well.

KM said that the prices of the medications at were very low and the support team was very friendly any time he needed help. Though the delivery took longer when his medications were delivered via USPS; he understood that the fault was that of the Delivery Company and not As a result of the great services, he recommended to anyone looking for a reliable source of medications. Reviews 2018

Since is no longer operational, I could not find any recent reviews from the customers. I checked the report of scam advisor in regards to the services offered by and it had been given a low trust rating.

I failed to understand the criteria that were used in the rating since the review from an independent review site indicated that the services were very good.

Promptpillsstore Scam Advisor Report Coupon Codes

Promptpillsstore Discounts used to offer a few discounts to the customers who purchased medications from them.

There was a discount on reorders that was offered on return customers which was increased according to the number of times the customer ordered. The more the customer ordered, the higher the discount offered.

Offer on ED Medications

Offer on ED Medications

Customers who purchased ED trial packs paid a discounted price of $69.95. They also got a chance to try all the leading erectile dysfunction medications so that they can later purchase the brand that will work best for them.

Conclusion was a drugstore whose domain was seized by the ICE due to interference by the big pharmaceutical companies who consider the sale of generic medications as a threat to their survival in the market. The services were very good as reviews from independent review site indicated that the delivery of the orders was done on time and that the pills were very effective. Customers who used to rely on them now have to look for another website to buy their medications or buy from their new website which is You can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores if you will need help in choosing a reliable online pharmacy to buy from.

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