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Royalpharma is the pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing in this article. Thanks to the internet and web archives, I was able to get all the information I need to make a perfect conclusion about this online pharmacy. From what I gather, this online pharmacy began operations in 2002. Their drugs appear to be cheap and FDA approved. So, harmful substances should not be a thing of worry with this pharmacy. While this pharmacy has not revealed where it operates from, research has shown that the website is affiliated with the United States and might have affiliations with Russia. They sell a wide variety of drugs for the treatment of various health challenges. They have grouped these drugs into various categories including Antiviral, Hair Loss, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Weight Loss, Diuretics, Anti Gout, Men’s Health etc. In the men’s health category are erectile dysfunction drugs. Erectile dysfunction drugs. So, I went ahead to check the erectile dysfunction drugs they offer for sale. Some of the erectile dysfunction drugs they sell that are worthy of note include Suhagra, Silagra, and generic Levitra.  They sell Suhagra for $1.82 per pill, Silagra for $1.9 per pill, and generic Levitra at $4.06 per pill. If you ask me, I would say their prices are average, not necessarily cheap as I have seen way lower prices for these same products.

Furthermore, I was able to discover the payments accepted by this vendor and they include Visa, Wire Transfer, and E-check. Additionally, I checked for the shipping methods open to customers. And I found out that customers could either make use of their express delivery service or their Regular Delivery Service. The express delivery service costs $29.95 and takes 7 to 14 days to deliver orders. On the other hand, the Regular Delivery Service takes 15 to 25 and costs $19.95.

In addition, I have seen that this pharmacy has a live chat service. Sadly, I was unable to test the service as this is not part of the information captured in the archives. However, I was able to do a screenshot of their ‘Contact Us’ form which you could fill out to get across to them. Check how it looks below.

Royalpharm Contact Us Form

They have claimed that the contact us form is a quick way to contact them as it is monitored every 15 minutes. Therefore, based on their info, you should be able to get a response via the contact us form in as quick as 15 minutes. You can also get across to them via phone on the following numbers: +441233280705 and +1800983437.

I have also not failed to dig up information about refunds. Checking their refund policy, they have stated explicitly that no refunds are allowed once a product has been dispatched. They also stated in their shipping policy that orders shipped through regular shipping will not be re-shipped if delayed or lost. Hence, they advise customers make use of the Express Shipping option which has a tracking service. To top this up they stated emphatically that in the event of reshipments and refunds, shipping costs and transfer costs shall be borne by the customer. If you agree with me, this is pretty much disappointing. Reviews

One thing I cannot leave out is the review from customers. What have they got to say regarding the quality of service offered by this vendor? Well, I found a few customer reviews from an external website that would depict various customer experience. Check the screenshot of the reviews I made below.

Royalpharm Customer Reviews

This review expresses the disappointments of as they failed to deliver the of this customer. The customer also claimed that they were unresponsive for 2 months. And he was unable to get a refund after they claimed they could not dispatch his order due to “technical problems”.

This second customer review is also negative Customer Reviews

This second customer review is also negative. This customer received products ordered in this case but claimed they were fake. This customer says after complaining they said “no refunds”. Reviews 2018

I also tried checking if I could see recent reviews of in order to determine if their services have improved over the years. Unfortunately, I could not find any recent reviews that would point to how much they have satisfied their customers lately. In fact, this website redirects to a different pharmacy. Before redirecting, a security message pops up to warn that the website is insecure. I think this says a lot about why they cannot be trusted. Coupon Codes

From what I see, this pharmacy does not necessarily pay much heed to discounts as I have not found much in this regard. The only thing I could see displayed on their website that seems to be a discount offer is the offer to sell sildenafil to customers at $1 per pill as the normal price displayed on their homepage is $1.06 per pill.

Sildenafil Discounted Price Offer

Sildenafil Discounted Price Offer

Conclusion though seems to be a quite friendly website to surf through. This pharmacy also offers quite a number of drugs. Nevertheless, I have seen a couple of things as drawbacks. The first would be the lack of an assurance of refunds and reshipment in case a customer has issues with products offered. Another drawback is the negative reviews I saw about this pharmacy. I literally did not find a positive review regarding this pharmacy.

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