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Rx Premium Express is an online pharmacy that’s already closed and is no longer available for business. No one knows the reason for its closure but according to some sources on the web, it was able to operate for a good 9 years before packing up and shutting its operations down. Since Rx Premium Express didn’t leave any notice on its site prior to disappearing permanently from the web, it left many of its customers puzzled and shocked. Some believe that Rx Premium Express moved to a new domain but there’s no way to know if it really did due to the lack of evidence that support it.

When it was still in existence, Rx Premium Express was a place on the web where people purchased affordable medicines. Its site specialized in selling generic medicines, drugs that had the same properties and active ingredients as the costly branded drugs only that these had much lower prices. The generic medicines that Rx Premium Express sold were up to 90% cheaper than the drug prices at the local pharmacies. And with this kind of price for all of its meds, it helped many of its customers save big while they got sufficient quantities of the drugs that they needed. As an example, Rx Premium Express only sold Viagra pills for $0.69 USD per tablet; way cheaper than the local pharmacy price of the same drug which fetches for up to $80 USD each. Unlike local drugstores whose products were supplied by large pharmaceutical companies, Rx Premium Express sourced its meds from India, from GMP-certified drug manufacturers whose products were approved by the Indian Food and Drug Administration.

But just like the policy at the local pharmacies, Rx Premium Express required their customers to provide scripts whenever they ordered prescription drugs. Without scripts, Rx Premium Express never sold prescription drugs to their clients which was unlike other online pharmacies who never had it as a requirement in the first place. But there was an advantage to requiring prescriptions that Rx Premium Express knew as it allowed them to verify if their customers were indeed permitted by their physicians to use the meds that they were ordering. The only disadvantage that requiring scripts from customers had was that the elderly, the disabled, and the other ones who were incapable of paying their doctors a visit because of immobility or lack of resources weren’t able to purchase their drugs from sites like Rx Premium Express. Customers who fell under this group of people still managed to purchase their medications from the web except that it’s not from Rx Premium Express but from other online pharmacies.

The assortment of drugs that Rx Premium Express had was not as wide-ranging as the ones which are at the local pharmacies but its site made sure that they had the meds which their customers needed. On its selection of medicines, its customers were able to purchase popular and commonly-used drugs on the market, its site serving as a convenient place to buy medicines from. More importantly, the site of Rx Premium Express was user-friendly and this allowed the visitors of its website and its customers to effortlessly navigate to their desired options. The country, language, and currency options can also be changed on its site for the customer’s ease of use. Its products were looked up by its clients through its search bar and through its alphabetical assortment, whichever of the two options that users felt more comfortable to utilize.

As for the delivery options that Rx Premium Express had, it offered the standard airmail service (2 to 3 weeks) for only $10 USD and it also had the express mail service (3 to 8 days) which it has offered for $30 USD. Customers who had orders which were above $150 USD in total amount got their purchases shipped for free for their additional savings. The payment of orders at Rx Premium Express was also easy for the users as it accepted all major credit and debit cards as well as Bitcoin payments.

Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews

The lack of third-party reviews for Rx Premium Express leaves us with no other choice but to use the reviews from its own website. These are still reviews but they’re not counted as 100% reliable like the third-party ones due to the possibility that these reviews might have already been edited by the people who managed its site. But it’s just a possibility and not a certainty which means that we can still use them for analysis.

Rx Premium Express User Reviews

A user named Ed thanks Rx Premium Express because his order arrived in a perfect condition. He was happy with this experience and plans to do business again with the site in the future.

It’s already the second time that Mark has ordered from Rx Premium Express and he was pleased because everything has arrived exactly as he has ordered them. Like Ed, he said that he would continue on using its website and would recommend it to others as well.

As for Craig, the thing that made his experience great at Rx Premium Express was its “impeccable” customer service and quick delivery of orders. He already ordered twice from its website and plans to continue in doing so.

Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews 2018

Since Rx Premium Express is already closed, it’s no longer possible for it to have new reviews. No one knows the exact date that it has closed down but it’s already been a while since it has terminated its operations. But users are always free to access the web for more information about its site as there are a number of reliable sources with accurate data about Rx Premium Express.

Rxpremiumexpress.com Coupon Codes

Rx Premium Express Bonuses

Rx Premium Express Bonuses

Rx Premium Express gave incentives to its returning customers by applying an outright 5% discount on their second orders and 7% on their succeeding purchases. It also gave free Viagra pills to customers who ordered a certain number of ED pills and also offered free standard airmail shipping to those whose orders exceed the $150 USD amount.


Rx Premium Express was an online pharmacy that did not manage to earn any feedback from the customers in a period of 9 years, so we are unable to confirm the quality of sold products. No one knows the exact date when it closed down or even the reason for its closure. For other pharmacy options, check our list of top recommended providers.

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