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Secure Tabs was an online pharmacy with an undisclosed physical location. The pharmacy is not online anymore. When I tried loading its domain address, I landed on a page that indicated the domain address was for sale. Information about when the pharmacy was established was not available on the drugstore website. However, according to the history of the website captured on the web archives, the store was operational for at least half a decade.

The drugstore focused on the sale of a diverse range of medications with a huge focus on the erectile dysfunction medications. Meds available on its catalog included muscle relaxants, pain reliefs, penis enlargement, quit smoking meds, sleeping aids, weight loss medications, allergy medications, antifungals, arthritis meds, asthma medications, blood pressure pills and others. To gauge the affordability of this drugstore, I checked the price at which it was selling the erectile dysfunction medications. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of $0.92 while its brand version from Pfizer was worth $6.51. Brand Cialis was worth $6.26 while generic Cialis was being sold at a price of $1.31. The store did not have brand Levitra. However, the store stocked generic Levitra which was being sold at a price of $2.35. This price was affordable although I have come across numerous online pharmacies with significantly lower prices for the same erectile dysfunction pills.

Shipping was being done either via Registered Airmail or EMS. EMS delivery took approximately 10 days and had tracking. The Registered mail delivery took approximately 21 days. This method did not have tracking. The pharmacy did not mention the cost a buyer would incur when using either EMS or Airmail to ship medications. Its FAQ page indicated that the shipping rates would vary depending on the shipping option a buyer had selected, the country of destination and the size of products being shipped. A buyer had to add his/her meds to the cart in order to determine the amount of money that he or she was supposed to pay for the shipping.

Payments were being made via credit cards and E-Checks. The accepted credit cards included Mastercard and Visa. Paying using credit cards is always more appealing because a buyer will have the ability to dispute any charges made to his or her card if the ordered medications are not delivered. The pharmacy allowed their customers to cancel their orders only within the first 24 hours after placing the order. The buyer could request an order cancelation by contacting the customer support department. was accepting medication returns. If for any reason the buyer did not feel satisfied with the effect the product delivered to him or her produced, he or she could send it back to the drugstore for a full refund. The drugstore was providing a 100% free re-shipment in case of a non-delivery. To contact, buyers were supposed to either use the contact page to send an email or its phone numbers. The phone numbers were +1 888 524 7141 (US toll-free) and +44 808 189 1420 (UK). Reviews

I managed to locate testimonials on a third-party website. The majority of the reviews were positive. I have captured a couple of them below:

Securetablets Reviews

Qanik reported that the shipping of medications from Secure Tabs was prompt. Everything he received was exactly as it had been described. Julia reported that her medications never arrived. She had ordered about 3 months back. The Secure Tabs mail did not work. Jenna stated that she had after placing various orders on Secure Tabs, she was extremely satisfied with the orders.

The above reviews indicate that Secure Tabs was offering nice services and medications to its buyers. However, the pharmacy still had some flaws. Some of the buyers failed to receive their orders. Also, the drugstore appears to have had a fake mailing address since Julia reported that it did not work at all. When choosing a pharmacy, it is always good to choose a drugstore that has as least negative comments as possible. That is the only way you can be safe. Reviews 2018

Checking the most recent testimonials for a drugstore will always give you a clear idea of the kinds of services you will be getting from the pharmacy. I checked for the testimonials written by customers for in the current year. I did not manage to find any. However, I did search the drugstore domain address on scam adviser. I have captured the results below:

Securetablets Scam Adviser Report

The drugstore appeared to have had a good rating. It had a 78% safety rating. Since the drugstore was dealing with human health and people’s hard-earned money, this safety rating is still not that good. An online pharmacy should have a 100% safety rating. The site appeared to have been hiding its actual location. Scam adviser failed to determine whether it was located in Australia or in the United States. Coupon Codes

Instead of secure tabs investing in coupon codes, the drugstore invested in various offers on its official website. These offers could have attracted some buyers. I have captured the offers below:

Securetablets Offers

If a buyer ordered medications which contained Erectile dysfunction pills, the pharmacy was giving him additional impotence pills for free. Buyers who returned to order their meds from for the second time were offered a 10% discount. For all orders worth more than $200, buyers enjoyed free Airmail Shipping.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that had an average trust rating. Some of the pharmacy buyers indicated that they received their orders on time. Few customers did not receive their orders. The drugstore had fair prices although they were not the lowest prices available online. The drugstore allowed their buyers to pay via credit cards which is the best online payment option.

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