Review – Sudden Closure Left Wondering Customers Behind

Securetabs2016 is an online pharmacy which I tried visiting, but it was unreachable. In my utter inquisition, I decided to do a quick research on this vendor to see whether this pharmacy was actually great or bad. Thanks to the data captured by Web Archives, I was able to access just about all the information I need to make an accurate conclusion regarding this pharmacy.

It would interest you that this vendor started operating in 2007 and appears to have been operated from Mumbai, India. Research reveals that this vendor was closed in November 2014. One intriguing thing about this pharmacy is that the drugs it supplied are drugs manufactured by the renowned Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer Cipla. This is intriguing because Cipla is known globally and has manufactured drugs used by millions worldwide. Besides, they are regulated and their drugs are FDA approved. Hence, the drugs from this pharmacy can be said to be top-notch.

I found out that many drugs were offered for sale by this pharmacy. These drugs are indicated for various treatments. One of which is the popular health challenge known as erectile dysfunction. So I checked to see what erectile dysfunction drugs this pharmacy sold. From what I could fathom, several erectile dysfunction drugs were sold including the generic tadalafil (Cialis) and the generic sildenafil (Viagra). Depending on the number of pills bought the price of tadalafil could go as low as $1.02 per pill and the price of sildenafil could go as low as $1.19 per pill. To pay for orders on this platform, only Visa derivatives are accepted; Visa debit cards, Visa credit cards, Visa prepaid and gift cards. regarding the delivery of this platform; customers have 3 options they could go with; Standard Airmail, Secure Airmail, and Express Airmail. Standard Airmail and Secure Airmail take 7 to 15 days, while Express Airmail takes 5 to 10 days. Airmail is free for all orders, while Express Shipping (EMS) costs $20.

I also went ahead to see how customers could get in contact with the support team of this vendor, should there be any complaints or inquisitions. While it appears this pharmacy does not have a live chat, I was able to get their contact number US; 18004714247, UK; 0008082342048, and AUS; 1800305436.

I found out that customers would get a refund if they were not satisfied with the effect of the product received. This is contingent on making a complaint within 6 months of placing the order. Additionally, they stated on their website that returning of products are not accepted. They also claim to reship if orders do not arrive. And if customers refuse a free reshipment offer, a full refund would be done. Reviews

I was interested in seeing how well this vendor performed during its period of operation. I decided to look for honest reviews that help me do just that. As I searched the web, I was able to find some trustable reviews and it occurred to me that this pharmacy was popular among buyers otherwise I would not have found any external customer feedback.

Securetabs2016 Customer Reviews

Mark from the United States has expressed his experience buying meds from From his feedback, we can infer that he had a good experience. This customer in his feedback stood to the defense of this vendor as the review website termed them as not being a real company. Mark says the drugs he ordered for this pharmacy “works well”.

Securetabs2016 Customer Reviews

This other feedback comes from Dann who resides in the US. He tells us he has been ordering from this vendor for “3 years”. He commends their prices, discounts, and says he has “had no trouble”.

From these reviews, it is easy to say that this vendor was indeed a reliable one. There really isn’t any information as to why their address is not reachable. Could be as a result of expired domain contract. Customer Reviews 2018

Recent reviews are basically to see what how well a pharmacy has performed in recent times. Apparently, there would not be any recent reviews about this website since it was close in November 2014. However, from what I have seen the pharmacy satisfied its customers during the period it operated for. Coupon Codes

I also checked to see what discount this pharmacy offered its customers. I decided to do this because virtually all top-notch online pharmacies offer discounts and freebies to their customers. Therefore, I was eager to discover which offers were given to customers by I saw great offers on their website. I have done a screenshot of two out of them for you to see

15% Discount Offers

15% Discount Offers

This offer is for 15% discount on all future orders. I saw this when I tried checking out Propecia. This offer is really attractive. I mean, that’s a lifetime discount.

Free Delivery Insurance

Free Delivery Insurance

On like many online pharmacies which charge for delivery insurance; insuring customer orders was made free by this vendor.

Conclusion from everything I have seen about this pharmacy appears to have been a good vendor. Its prices are great. The products it sold are manufactured by trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. Additionally, it gave customers very attractive and incredible offers that help them save and feel secure. The drawback is the sudden closure of the website. I say this because there would be loyal customers who relied on this vendor’s service. Closing-up is would be disappointing to them.

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