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Sexualhealth is now offline and my attempts to access the website was unfruitful. I tried searching for independent feedback online but none were available as well. In an effort to get more information regarding the operations of, I searched the web archives and noted that the first capture was recorded in 2013. On their about us section, it was indicated that had been in business for 9 years. It also claimed that it was among the leading online pharmacies that ensured safe delivery of generic medications to their customers. There was no indication that the medications stocked had been approved by the FDA.

The available medications were grouped into different sections according to the health issue they would be used to treat. Some of the classifications included Alcoholism, Anticonvulsants, Antivirals, Birth Control, Cardiovascular Diseases, Gastrointestinal Tract, Men’s Health, Muscle Relaxants, Neurological Disorders, Respiratory Tract, Neurological Disorders, Eye Care, Diabetes, Migraine, Mental Disorders, Stop Smoking, Skin Care, Women’s Health, Urinary Tract, and Osteoporosis, among others. Some of the products in these categories required a valid prescription before the orders were processed.

The bestsellers could also be seen on the homepage which included generic Viagra which was sold at $0.71 per pill, Generic Cialis which was sold at $1.31 per pill, Generic Levitra, Generic Cipro, Generic Diflucan, Generic Lasix, Generic Propecia, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Levitra Soft, Generic Levitra Super Force, Generic Priligy, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Clomid, Kamagra, Generic Nolvadex, Generic Synthroid, and Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, among others.

The only accepted means of paying for the medications was a credit card which was charged as soon as the order was submitted and approved. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after the orders were placed.

Shipping of medications from was done via the trackable courier service where the medications were delivered in 9 days or the standard international airmail where the order was delivered within a maximum of 21 days. All the medications were sourced from Indian manufacturers and would, therefore, be shipped from there. Customers from all over the world could receive medications from except for people living in some Asian countries.

If there was an incident where the medications were not delivered or were delivered in a bad state rendering them useless, would reship the medications without any charges or issue a refund for the amount the client had paid for the shipping. Customers who gave the wrong address leading to the loss of the drugs were not compensated and if he still wanted to get his medications, he would make a fresh order.

To contact, customers would make a call using the numbers +1 (800) 532 4808 or +1 (718) 313 1498, send a message using the contact form that was provided on the website or engage the support team in a live chat. Reviews had no independent reviews and as a result, I had to look at the reviews that were available on their website. The customers applauded them for the timely delivery of their packages and the great working of the pills as well.

James is glad that the pills were delivered to him and that he paid a lower price when purchasing them, making it possible for him to afford his drugs. He added that the quality of the drugs was the same as the drugs he used to buy from a local pharmacy.

U Geilert was also appreciating the receipt of his order and in addition, he was given an extra pack when his order was being shipped.

A client who failed to leave a name said that the delivery of his medications was just as he had been promised. He had promised that if the effect of the pills will be as pleasant as the delivery, he would be buying from

Yukio sent his appreciation for the delivery of his order one week before the agreed time. The cooperation of the support staff was also appreciated.

Sexualhealth-eu Reviews

Reviews that are on the website that is under the management of the owners of a website are impossible to verify since there is no proof that they were from real customers. When determining whether a pharmacy is legitimate, such reviews cannot be used. Reviews 2018 is out of business and it is not possible to find any recent reviews. The only information that one will be able to access is blog posts but since they are not from customers, they are of no use in this case.

To get more regarding the reputation of, I checked the scam advisor report and noted that their trust rating was low.

Sexualhealth-eu Scam Advisor Report Coupon Codes used to give several discounts to their customers whenever an order was placed.

Free Viagra pills were given for orders that contained more than 20 erectile dysfunction medications. For 20 erectile dysfunction pills, 4 pills were given, orders that had over 60 erectile dysfunction drugs received 10 free Viagra tablets, and for orders that had over 100 ED medications, the customers were given 20 free Viagra pills.

Free Pills Offer

Free Pills Offer

The shipping fee was not charged for orders that cost over $150 if the shipping would be done via the international regular mail delivery.

Free Shipping Offer

Free Shipping Offer

If an existing customer referred a friend he would get special discounts if the friend placed an order. The person who referred most people got the highest discounts. For one referral, a 6% discount was given, for 2 friends, a 7% discount was given, and for referring 3 friends, the existing customer received 8% discount. The discount was valid if the customers who had been referred placed their orders within 30 days after an email was sent to them.

Special Discounts on Referrals

Special Discounts on Referrals

Conclusion was a drugstore that closed down and their website is no longer active. During its years of operation, there were no independent reviews which make it impossible to know the quality of services that customers received from Sexualhealth-eu. The customers who used to trust for the supply of their drugs have to look for another source of their medications. Our list of Top Web Drugstores is available if you need help when choosing a reputable drugstore for the purchase of your medications.

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