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Shop is now inaccessible and my attempts to get to their website were unsuccessful. I made an effort to search through the web archives to know more on how Shop Pro-Active operated and their relationship with their past customers. The earliest capture was in 2013 which is probably the year was set up. It is claimed that Shop Pro-Active was a trusted source of all the popular medications that customers can buy from an online pharmacy. I also noted that shop-proactive worked in collaboration with other online pharmacies for the supply of orders to their customers depending on where they were located.

All the medications that Shop Pro-Active stocked had been grouped according to the health issue which made it easier for the customers to select their medications even without the requirement of a prescription. Some of the classifications were Erectile Dysfunction, Party Pills, Men’s Health, Pain Relief, Female Enhancements, Sleeping Aid, Blood Pressure, Healthy Bones, Skin Care, Gums, Birth Control, Anti-Diabetic, Hypnotherapy, Women’s Health, Stop Smoking, Arthritis, Weight Loss, and Gastrointestinal, among others. It was claimed that all the medications in the above categories have been made in FDA approved laboratories.

The bestsellers were very few and they included Viagra which cost $0.89 per tablet, Cialis which cost $1.53 per pill, Levitra, and Kamagra. The other erectile dysfunction medications that were stocked included Dapoxetine, Avanafil, Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Sildenafil Professional, Vardenafil, Tadalafil Professional, Vardenafil Professional, Sildenafil Super Active Plus, Tadalafil Super Active Plus, Sildenafil Citrate Jelly, Viagrx, Apcalis SX, and Levitra Super Active Plus, among others.

There were several means that customers buying from Shop Pro-Active could use to pay for their medications. These included Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and JCB. A customer who for a valid reason wanted to cancel his order was only able to do so before the order was shipped. There was a cancellation form that customers were supposed to fill and forward it to the support team.

Shipping of orders was done from Asia or Indian depending on the location of the person who was placing the order and could be done to most countries worldwide except Germany and Canada. The customers had a chance to have the medications shipped via the Express Mail Service which could take as little as 7 days to have the medications delivered or the Standard Airmail shipping method which could take up to 14 days to have the orders delivered. It was indicated that all orders required a signature before they were released to the customers upon delivery. Orders that contained more than 270 pills were shipped in separate packages and were delivered on different dates.

Customers who failed to receive their orders were required to notify within 60 days and a 90% refund would be issued. It was not clear if the medications which were lost or damaged would be re-shipped but customers had been advised to notify the support team if their orders had not been delivered within the agreed time.

The customer service helpline that customers would use to contact the support team was +1 (877) 569-6325. A contact form was also available through which customers would forward their messages to the support team and a response will be sent via email. I noted that there was a live chat option that would enable customers to get an immediate response to any issue. Reviews

Shop-proactive Reviews

I searched the web for independent reviews from those who used to shop from but could not find any. The only available reviews were on their website which were positive. The customers were happy that the pills were very effective and they paid a lower amount than they would have paid in a local pharmacy.

Mark said that he was happy to have found Shop Pro-Active where he was able to pay a lower price for his Viagra pills and the effect was the same. The price of Viagra was $15 less than what he used to pay for similar pills.

Branson acknowledged the efficient delivery, the high-quality medications, and the wonderful customer service at According to him, the services were exceptional and this made him very happy.

The fact that the above reviews were posted on a website that was under the control of Shop Pro-Active owners, makes them appear compromised and we cannot rely on them in determining the reliability of this store. Reviews 2018

Shop Pro-Active is no longer providing pharmaceutical services and customers can no longer access their website. As a result, it will be impossible to find any customer submitting a review.

I tried to get more information by checking the report on scam advisor about the status of and was surprised to have found that it had a high trust rating despite lacking independent reviews.

Scam Advisor Report on Shop-proactive

Scam Advisor Report on Coupon Codes

Customers who used to buy drugs from shop-proactive were offered several discounts that made the prices for their medications lower.

The shipping of all orders using the regular shipping method was free despite the number of pills that a customer ordered.

Customers who purchased more than 90 erectile dysfunction pills were given 4 free pills.

Shop-proactive Discounts

For all customers who placed a refill order, a 10% discount was given.

Shop-proactive Discounts


Shop Pro-active is no longer online and the website on which it was hosted has been disabled. There was a wide range of drugs that customers could choose from when buying from them which were dispensed without the requirement of a doctor’s prescription. The prices of the medications were also low and customers had their orders shipped without paying any fee. Due to lack of customers’ feedback from independent review sites, we cannot make a valid conclusion on whether this was a trusted source of medications or a scam. Looking at the report from scam advisor, it was indicated that Shop Pro-Active was a trusted online pharmacy despite the fact that no independent reviews were available. Customers who used to buy from have to choose an alternative medications source from the many online pharmacies that are in operation. If you need help in choosing a legitimate online pharmacy, check out our list of Top Web Drugstores.

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