Terms of Service

We encourage our users to read our terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to use our site. Our terms and conditions are centered on our users’ best experience on our site while at the same time protecting our legal and commercial interests.

Use of Our Site and Acceptance

Using any website (like for instance, our review site) means that you are in full agreement with our terms and conditions. This is why we urge our users to read our terms carefully before proceeding to use our site, so you can terminate your use of our service in case there’s something on our provisions that you find disagreeable.

If you find some of the terms vague or ambiguous, we encourage you to reach out to our support team so we can further explain what they mean. We only want the best experience for you on our site so we have managed to put everything into writing so we can make our terms clear to our users.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify, delete, or augment our terms and conditions at any time. Since the provisions of our terms and agreement are subject for your agreement, we will notify you concerning the changes on our terms and conditions. We may send you an email or provide you with a pop-up on our site to notify you of the changes. You can click to accept/agree or disagree with the changes as you wish.

Using our platform means that you agree to the provisions of our amended terms and conditions while terminating your use on our platform means that you disagree with our terms. This is perfectly fine – we just want you to understand how we work and if you don’t agree with us, it is totally up to you.

Content on our Platform

As users, you have the right to post and share your opinions, reactions, and links to our website. However, doing so makes you responsible for what you post – we will not be liable for your opinions and the resulting action or reaction of your content on our website. Posting content on our platform means that you are fully aware that you are responsible for what you say or share, and that you will take the responsibility in case your actions result in legal repercussions.

Because we own the platform, we also have the right to share your content, distribute it, modify the format, or reproduce your content, without legal reprimand. Since you have used our platform to air your voice, you have also automatically made available your content for our use and distribution. You absolve us of any fee or claims of using your content since you have so willingly posted or shared your content with us.

We also reserve the right to delete your content should it be found libelous for our service or for any third party concerned. If we suspect a possible lawsuit or copyright breach due to your content, we reserve the right to delete, remove, or modify it whenever necessary.

Creating a Profile

Our users are free to create an account with us to be able to maximize the use of our platform. However, if you create your account, you are responsible for securing your personal details (like your password, security answers, and other sensitive information). Make sure to keep your account secure and refrain from using commonly used passwords to keep you from getting your account breached.

If you think your account with us is hacked, let us know so we can assist you in securing your account or in changing your important details.

Limitations for Posting Content

We allow our users to express their opinions, share content, or link to our website, but this is governed by specific limitations. We do not allow our users to post the following content:

  • Anything illegal or unlawful
  • Content that would make our service legally liable
  • Slanderous, libelous, fraudulent, bigoted content
  • Content that directly violates copyright, trademark, patent, right of privacy, or intellectual rights
  • Spam content
  • Content with malware or viruses
  • Content that solicits personal information
  • Content that reveals personal information of other users or any third party

Service Use Limitations

The use of our web review service means that you know and understand your limitations as a user. You may not:

  • Use our website if you’re under 13
  • Make use of our website to collect sensitive information about other users or from us
  • Use our site to intimidate, threaten, cyber bully, harass or humiliate any user of the platform or any person or third party for that matter
  • Use our service to coax others into boycotting our service, speak ill against our site, overburden or damage
  • Create a product based on what you have freely gained from our store
  • Modify our service for your commercial or personal use
  • Data mine or extract data from our site
  • Use our service to insult, humiliate us or destroy our credibility

Any user found out of compliance with our provisions or found actively inflicting moral, commercial, or personal damage on our website will have his access terminated on our site immediately. We have the right to file for legal repercussions whenever we deem fit.

Warranties for Content

Given our platform features the opinions of editors and writers, we relinquish all responsibility towards all content found on our website, as the opinions, comments, and reactions of our writers are fully their own.

While our team researches their statements and claims thoroughly, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the content published on our website. We do not have guarantees and warranties for the authenticity, correctness, and genuineness of the content published on our website. We will not be held responsible for any damage that will arise due to the content of our site, as we do not intend to harm anyone or any third party with our content.

Using our website means that you absolve us from any form of damage related to our content, whether perceived or assumed. We are not held liable for the liabilities, expenses, fees, claims, or any form of damage that may result to your use of our site or reading our content.

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