Review – A Probably Safe Pharmacy Whose Domain Address Has Been Acquired by Another Drugstore

Thepharmacyone had been online since the year 2009. The pharmacy is no longer online. Its domain address appears to have been acquired by another online pharmacy. This review is for the old The Pharmacy One not the pharmacy to which the domain redirects to. There was nothing on the drugstore website to help buyers determine where the pharmacy was operating from.

The drugstore was offering a huge catalog. As usual with web pharmacies, the pharmacy appeared to have been largely focused on selling erectile dysfunction medications. After checking the price of these pills, I realized that the drugstore was actually affordable. A pill of generic Viagra was retailing for only $0.69 while generic Cialis was offered at a price of only $1.30. Generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only $1.50. This is way cheaper than what the local pharmacies sell the brand ED pills.

Other medications I found on catalog include asthma pills, birth control, cancer pills, cholesterol drugs, diabetes pills, diuretics, HIV medications, hypertension drugs, obesity, and others. The FAQ page indicated that the pharmacy medications were all sourced in Indian Pharmaceutical companies which had already received approval from the FDA. All the meds the drugstore delivered were supposed to have a shelf life of at least 2 years. This means that a buyer could use them for a long time before they expired.

The Pharmacy One was accepting payments via numerous methods. These included credit cards, EuroDebit, Bank wire transfer, online check, MoneyGram, and Western Union. The best method among all these is the use of credit cards. This is the only way a buyer can dispute the charges made by a drugstore if the medications paid for are not delivered and the drugstore is unwilling to offer a refund.

Shipping was done either via the courier service delivery or the standard international airmail. The courier service was more expensive. It cost thrice the price of the airmail shipping. This price was justified by the fact that the method had tracking and took only 5 to 9 days before medications arrived. The courier service was worth $30. The airmail method took approximately 10 to 21 days and cost buyers $10.

After placing an order, a buyer was allowed to cancel his order within the first 24 hours. Buyers who sent an order cancelation request after 24 hours had passed still received their meds and they got charged for them. was accepting medication returns. The drugstore refunded returned medications in full. Also, in case a buyer did not receive his or her medications, the pharmacy offered either to re-ship the product or refund. In case the buyer chose refunding, was initiating the refund process and the buyer ended having his or her money back within a period of 5 to 7 days.

Getting access to the customer support department was easy. had a live chat feature. Buyers who preferred calling and talking to a person directly could have used the drugstore phone numbers. These included +1 800 532 4808 (Toll-free US), +1 718 313 1498 (United States Regular), and +44 200 222 7084 (UK). Reviews

To determine whether was offering high-quality services and medications, I had to check the reviews available online. I found a large number of positive testimonials on the pharmacy main website. However, I ignored these reviews. They could have been fake. The drugstore management had access to them. This means that they could have manipulated them. Instead, I searched for reviews on third-party sites. I found a couple of testimonials. Most of the testimonials were positive. I have captured the reviews below:

Thepharmacyone Review

John reported that after doing business with The Pharmacy One for a whole year, he found the pharmacy to be cheap. He was able to even order a sample of the drug he was interested in. He had been purchasing Viagra regularly from the drugstore. He also purchased some pain pills for his back from the pharmacy.

Thepharmacyone User Comment

Eric reported that was an excellent online drugstore. He rated the pharmacy 5 stars which indicates that he was overly satisfied with the drugstore services. The pharmacy had a great delivery and cheap prices. Reviews 2018 did not have any testimonials written in 2018. However, I managed to find a review written in 2017 on an external website. The testimonial was positive. I have captured it below:

Thepharmacyone User Comment

The above reviewer has rated 4 stars. This means that he liked the services the drugstore offered him. The shipping was quick and the medications delivered to the buyer had a great quality.

The reviews available online confirm that is a pharmacy that could have been trusted. The thing I could not determine is why the pharmacy is not online anymore if it had loyal customers. Coupon Codes did not have coupon codes on its website or on other coupon offering websites. However, the site had some offers on its website. I have offered a screenshot of the offers below:

Thepharmacyone Offers

The Pharmacy One was offering discounts that ranged from 5 to 7%. These were being offered to repeat clients depending on the number of times a particular buyer had ordered meds from The pharmacy was also offering free Viagra pills. Depending on the amount of money a buyer was spending on his/her order, he or she would get 4, 10, or 20 pills for free.


Getting meds from appears to have been relatively safe. has no complaints online and it has positive reviews on third-party review-collecting websites. Although the pharmacy was not the cheapest, buyers managed to save a lot of money while sourcing their meds in the pharmacy. The store had a huge catalog which made it easier to get meds.

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