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Theswisspharmacy appears to have been shut down due to malware. However, as I did my research, I was able to discover that the online pharmacy is now active and open to business. From what I see, they claim to be based in Seychelles according to the address on their Contact Us page. However, the websites IP address is in Singapore and drugs are shipped from India. This vendor appears to have been in operation since 2009. The drugs that are sold on this website include Anti Allergy, Antifungal, Hair Loss, HIV Products, Weight Loss, Drinking Cessation, Pain Relief, Oncology, Erectile Dysfunction; among many others. I checked for the erectile dysfunction drugs that they sell on this website and found out that they sell mostly generics for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most of these generics have not gained much prominence as the only ones that rang a bell were Kamagra, Suhagra, and Silagra, which are generics to Viagra manufactured in India. This vendor sells them $0.81, $0.49 and $0.99 per tablet respectively. The Swiss Pharmacy has claimed that all the drugs they sell are certified. However, they did not state explicitly whether they are FDA approved. From what I noticed searching for ED drugs the generic brands were quite unfamiliar. Kamagra, Suhagra, and Silagra are the ED meds which I saw are popular and known to be India-FDA approved.

To see if payment on this website would be easy, I checked for the payment methods it supports. From my findings, you can pay for your order via E-check, S.W.I.F.T Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. If you are one that makes use of cryptocurrencies well, the payment options would suit you. I tried checking for the shipping options made available to customers by this vendor. I was able to discover that there are two shipping options; Registered Airmail to most countries which costs $15 and takes 10 to 21 days. And EMS Speed Post to USA, Australia, and the UK. Costs $30 and takes 8 to 15 working days. They ship worldwide with the exception of countries like Afghanistan Canada, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Lichtenstein, Malaysia, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Seychelles, Somalia, South, Africa, and Syria.

This vendor does not accept returns even if they remain unopened as they claim there is no guarantee that the storage conditions are met during transportation. Furthermore, they would refund your money or do a free reshipment if you do not receive your order within the stipulated time of 8 to 21 working days or package gets lost in transit. Note that complaints about failure to receive orders can’t be made after 10 calendar weeks from the day orders were shipped out. This pharmacy does not have a live chat service but note that you can chat with any of their agents live via Skype in two Languages; English and German. In case you are not on Skype, you can also contact their support team by using a phone or email. Their Toll-free line is +18889695143 and their Email address is + [email protected] Reviews

The reason for researching about this pharmacy and writing a review is to ultimately determine where it stands regarding satisfying customers with a quality service. It is impossible to do this without going through reviews from customers to see their experience, hence, determine how the performance of this vendor. Customer Review

This customer review by Anneliese paints her experience shopping are meds from this vendor. She sounds happy with her experience. Though she expresses disappointments in the payment method made available by this pharmacy, she has great things to say about their services. She commends the speed at which she received her delivery and the customer care service. She says “customer service is Outstanding”. She had no problem giving them a 5-star rating Reviews 2018

Thesswisspharmacy Customer Review

It is important as well to determine if has maintained a great reputation over the years. We can do this by simply going through recent reviews which would allow us to see if this pharmacy has been satisfying its customers recently. So, I went in search of recent reviews and I found one dropped in 2017. Let’s go through it to see what this customer has to say. After, we can determine if this pharmacy is safe to try out at the moment.

Joshar is the reviewer here in this more recent customer review of the He tells us about his experience Ordering for Viagra from this pharmacy. He complained that instead of receiving Viagra he got Cialis. He also complains that the shipping was a bit slow. However, he says “customer service were helpful”. They gave him “a partial refund”. I believe it’s normal for mix ups to happen from time to time. The fact that this pharmacy resolved the issue indicates that they are reliable. Coupon Codes

Coupons are offered by most online pharmacies in form of discounts. This is done to attract the patronage of most customers. It is also done to compensates customers and incentivize them to take an action. All in all, coupons make customers save money on orders. So, I checked if there are any coupons for this pharmacy. Unfortunately, there are none both on their website and external websites.

Conclusion appears to lack the most conventional means of payments that most people can easily pay with. Another problem I have with the pharmacy is the lack of discount offers for customers. Nevertheless, this pharmacy appears to be reliable considering the external reviews found about it were positive. The prices on the website are quite impressive. Their customer support is also effective.

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