Review – A Probably Good Online Drugstore Closed to Reduce Competition


Tl Pharmacy was an online drugstore whose physical location was not disclosed on the website. The site had been operating on the web since the year 2006. The med store focused on offering meds which had already received approval from the FDA. Its wide catalog made it extremely easy for the customers to get all the medications they needed. Some of the meds was selling included erectile dysfunction meds, eye care, HIV medications, hypertension pills, mental disorder medication, migraine, muscle relaxants, obesity drugs, skin care products and others.

Checking the price at which the drugstore was selling its erectile dysfunction pills made me realize that the drugstore had been very affordable. A pill of generic Viagra was only worth $0.69 dollars. Generic Levitra was costing buyers only $1.50. A pill of generic Cialis was being sold at a price of only $1.30. Now, this might not be the lowest price for generic ED medications. However, buyers who purchased their ED pills at managed to save a lot of money in comparison with the price they would have gotten the same meds in the local pharmacy.

The local pharmacy sells brand Viagra at a price of 70 dollars. When you compare this price with the price available at, you can see buyers saved over 95%. Due to this huge saving, most people have been ditching the local pharmacies and sourcing their meds online. The big pharma has been trying to eliminate this online pharmacy competition which is draining away its customers. The best way the big pharma has come up with is to close online pharmacy in order to eliminate the cheap alternatives people have. This is what has happened to The big pharma has used security agencies to seize under the pretense that it was selling fake meds.

The pharmacy was accepting payments only via credit cards. This was a great payment choice since it allowed buyers to dispute charges when the pharmacy failed to deliver meds and did not want to refund the buyer. Medications were being shipped either via the Express International Mail or the standard international airmail. The express international mail cost buyers $30. This shipping method took approximately 5 to 9 days before the customers received their meds. Buyers had the ability to track their medications during the delivery process. The standard international airmail cost buyers $10. This method lacked tracking and took longer before delivering medications. Medications arrived after a period of about 10 to 21 days.

Buyers were only allowed to cancel any orders they had placed within the first 24 hours. Buyers who sent order cancel requests after the 24 hours had already passed, the requests were not being processed. was not clear on whether it was accepting medication returns. The pharmacy stated on one section of its FAQ page that it was accepting returns and then on the other section of the same FAQ question, the pharmacy stated that it did not accept medication returns.

The pharmacy was offering free re-shipment of lost packages and also offering refunds for non-delivered products. Buyers could have contacted the pharmacy via its three phone numbers. These included +1 800 532 4808 (toll-free US), +1 718 313 1498 (regular US), or +44 203 011 0241 (UK). Reviews did not have any external reviews. However, the pharmacy also did not have any complaints. If the drugstore was delivering fake meds like the security agencies which have captured its domain address claim, complaints would be available. The reviews I found on the official website are captured below:

Tl-pharmacy Testimonials

David reported that he had received his order. He felt like he was 18 years old again. His wife was surprised by the results the medication produced. He reported that he would be ordering medications again from Mark received his order on time. The pills worked perfectly. They managed to change his sex life.

The reviews available on a website have a high likelihood of being fake. The reviews for captured above could have been created by the pharmacy management to make buyers think that the pharmacy is trustworthy. The best reviews which a buyer should trust are usually available on third-party reviews collecting websites. Reviews 2018

Tl Pharmacy did not have any testimonials written by its customers in 2018. I captured extra reviews I found on the drugstore website. These too could have been faked or copied from another pharmacy and hence they may not reflect the actual services offered by

Tl-pharmacy Testimonials

Mike reported that he had received his order. The order was delivered quickly. The delivery time impressed him. DN thanked for following up. He received his pills and had an opportunity to use them and feel their effect. The pill worked great. Himself and his girlfriend were pleased with the results. Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes on or on other websites which focus on providing coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had nice offers on its website. I have captured the offers below:

Tl-pharmacy Offers

For a buyer who purchased more than 20, 60, or 100 erectile dysfunction, generic Propecia or generic Priligy pills, 4, 10, and 20 Viagra pills were added to the order for free. Buyers who purchased medications worth more than $150 did not pay for their shipping. The pharmacy was offering a 5% discount for 2nd-time orders and a 7% discount for third and further orders.


Apart from the fact that did not have any proven testimonials, there is nothing else negative about the drugstore. There is nothing that shows the pharmacy was trafficking counterfeit medications like the organizations which have captured its domain address claim. This shows that the big pharma was behind its seizure. The drugstore had cheap medications and a huge catalog which made it extremely easy for buyers to get their meds.

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