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Just as its name suggests, had its location in the United Kingdom. The website never mentioned when it was established online. This is something I did not like about the pharmacy. Online pharmacies offering high-quality services do not hide the date when they started operating. The start date often helps buyers determine how trustworthy an online pharmacy is. Fake pharmacies are usually established in very recent years. When I checked the drugstore web address I found that the pharmacy was offline.

The drugstore had a very limited catalog. The only medication categories available on the catalog included weight loss and energy pills, skin care products, hormonal control pills, and sexual health medication. After checking the drugstore prices I realized that was affordable. A pill of generic Cialis was costing its buyers $1.6, generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only $1.6 while generic Levitra cost vardenafil users $1.7. Of course, these were never the cheapest prices. However, the drugstore was incredibly affordable when compared to the price for similar pills in the local pharmacies. A pill of brand Viagra is worth $70 in local drug stores located in the United States.

After checking the methods of payment offered by, the drugstore struck me as having been a site capable of fraud. None of the methods available could have allowed the buyer to dispute the charges made. The pharmacy accepted payments through bank to bank transfer, wire transfer and swift. After paying using these methods, the buyer couldn’t do anything even if failed to deliver his or her meds.

After payments had been received by UK Rx Cart, the pharmacy promised to dispatch medications within a period of 2 days. The methods offered by the pharmacy to ship medications included recorded international, special delivery, and signed for method with tracking. The pharmacy mentioned that the shipping fees included the handling, packing and postage costs. The pharmacy, however, did not mention the exact cost for each delivery method. These prices became apparent when the buyer added his or her pills to the cart. I tried adding products to the cart but the capture on web archives gave me an error.

I looked for a phone number a buyer could have used to contact I could not find any number. However, the pharmacy did have a contact page where buyers could have sent an email and an online chat. I tried the online chat and just as you would expect for a pharmacy that is not operational anymore, there was no reply. Reviews is one of the few online pharmacies with reviews on popular reviews-collecting websites. The pharmacy, however, did not have nice testimonials. Initially, the pharmacy seemed to have been offering great services. But, the drugstore services deteriorated to the point where the pharmacy was sending fake meds and not replying to emails. Most of the buyers were unhappy with the services the drugstore offered. I have captured the reviews below:

Uk-rxcart Reviews

After Sam had purchased 6 bottles of Clen he realized that what was delivered to him was fake medication. He had been using for three years and everything was fine. Even after taking 6 tablets of the medication, nothing happened. He tried contacting the pharmacy but they never replied. After leaving an honest review on the drugstore website twice, the pharmacy deleted it the same day. The website was selling fake medications.

Uk-rxcart Testimonial

Eike also had found to be a fine online pharmacy. They always answered his questions. However, just like Sam, his last batch was fake. It did not have the active ingredient he had wanted. He tried reaching the customer support department multiple times but no one answered.

After years of offering high-quality services, the drugstore appears to have had a sudden change and it started selling fake drugs. This could have cost the drugstore the respect it had managed to get in its customers who eventually left. The drugstore could have been closed after losing its customers. Reviews 2018

By the start of 2017, was not online. This means that the probability of the pharmacy having reviews in 2018 is basically zero. I have captured more reviews I found online although they were not written in 2018:

Uk-rxcart Review

After the above reviewer had purchased 2 bottles of Pramipexole, he realized that what got delivered to him was fake medication. They never helped him in any way. He indicated that he wouldn’t be ordering medications from the drugstore again.

Uk-rxcart User Comments

After ordering 30 pills of Aromasin from, the above reviewer indicated the pills had a totally different active ingredient than what was supposed to be in the pills. After contacting the drugstore customer service department, they never replied to the reviewer. He got scammed $60. Coupon Codes

I expected to have some offers at least considering the fact that the prices available on its website were at the higher end of the affordable scale. However, after checking the drugstore website and other websites which offer coupons, I couldn’t get any special offers or any coupon codes. This could have been discouraging especially for the average online shopper who was trying to find the best way to pay the least for his or her meds.

Conclusion is a drugstore that appears to have been nice before reaching its turning point. Most people had enjoyed great services before the pharmacy all of sudden started delivering questionable medication and not replying to the buyer’s messages. The drugstore did have nice prices. However, a person who wanted to seriously save could have found a cheaper online med store. The pharmacy did not have great methods of payment. Disputing charges was impossible.

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