Unapharma.Com Review – A Pharmacy Seized by the Authorities


Unapharma.Com was an online drugstore that did not indicate its location. The default currency on the drugstore website was the Euro and the pharmacy default language was in French. This shows that the drugstore had a very high likelihood of having been located in Europe. Unapharma.Com was not a real drugstore but just an affiliate marketing website. Of late, the pharmacy is seized. If you try to load the drugstore, its website is plastered with numerous logos belonging to various security agencies from around the globe. The permanent message on the site indicates that the pharmacy was captured after it was discovered to have been selling fake medication.

A deeper investigation into why numerous online pharmacies are being captured by the security agencies shows that the big pharma has something to do with the captures. The reason is that the online pharmacies have been draining customers from the big pharma as they sell medications at a price that is over 90% cheaper. In an attempt to keep their customers, the big pharma is using the security agencies to capture as many online pharmacies as possible in order to eliminate cheap alternatives.

Unapharma.Com was selling a large number of medications. This is a great quality in an online pharmacy since buyers will gain the ability to source all their medications on a single drugstore. Some of the meds people could have purchased at Unapharma.Com included alcoholism meds, antibiotics, depression drugs, fungal medication, diabetes pills, blood pressure drugs, erectile dysfunction pills, anticonvulsants, asthma medications and others. I wanted to see whether the pharmacy had been affordable. I, therefore, checked the price of the medications in the drugstore bestsellers section which happened to be erectile dysfunction pills. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of $0.72. Generic Levitra was worth $1.56. Generic tadalafil or what a large number of people prefer to call Cialis was being sold at a price of $1.35. This price was affordable to many people.

The Unapharma.Com website captured on the web archives had broken links. This means that getting a lot of information about the drugstore was impossible. However, I did manage to determine that the drugstore only accepted payments via credit cards. The credit cards buyers could have used to pay for their meds on the drugstore included the MasterCard and the visa.

Contacting the drugstore did not appear to have given the customers a headache if the information available on Unapharma.Com was correct. Buyers could have used a live chat and also use phone numbers. The numbers that buyers could have used to contact the customer support department included +1 800 532 48 08 (toll-free for people located in the US), +1 718 313 14 98 (US Regular), and +44 203 011 02 41 (UK).

Unapharma.Com Reviews

Unapharma.Com did not have any reviews on third-party sites. I always prefer believing the reviews I locate on external reviews collecting sites because these cannot be manipulated. The testimonials available on any drugstore official website can be manipulated by the pharmacy in order to lure in the buyer. Unapharma.Com did have a testimonials page. However, when I tried accessing it on the website capture in the internet archives, it turned out that the page had not been captured. I decided to use other methods to determine how great Unapharma.Com was. My first thought was to use a domain scanning program. The program I used first is scam adviser. Here are the results the program produced:


Unapharma.Com Scam Adviser Report

The drugstore had been threat-listed. This means that using the web pharmacy could have placed a buyer at the risk of either receiving fake pills or nothing at all. The drugstore had a safety rating of 56%. Although this is above average, it is not a great rating for a website whose main focus is to take people’s money and then deliver medications which they are supposed to use to restore their health back to normal. The pharmacy appeared to have been located in the United States. This drugstore, however, was actually hiding its real physical location. Great online pharmacies never hide their location. The drugstore had been labeled a rogue drugstore by scam adviser.

Unapharma.Com Reviews 2018

Unapharma.Com did not have 2018 reviews. It was seizure a while back before the current year. I decided to use another program to scan the drugstore domain address. The program I used this time was LegitScript. After scanning Unapharma.Com I got the info that Unapharma.com was not an approved pharmacy according to LegitScript. It did not satisfy all the standards an online pharmacy is supposed to satisfy for it to be considered to be a trustworthy pharmacy. Buying drugs from such a pharmacy despite the affordable prices could have been not safe.

Unapharma.Com Coupon Codes

Coupons matter a lot especially to online shoppers. These usually represent an opportunity to pay even less for the product a buyer is ordering. However, Unapharma.Com did not have any coupon codes. When a pharmacy lacks coupon codes, it usually makes up to this by having some special offers. These are usually available when a buyer adds medications to the cart. I could not determine whether Unapharma.Com did have any special offers or not since adding the drugs on the drugstore to the cart was impossible.


Unapharma.Com has been labeled as not an approved pharmacy by two different domain scanning programs. This cannot be a coincidence. This tells me that the pharmacy was not very safe for buyers to source medications from. Although there are no negative reviews available, it is possible some people got scammed. The pharmacy had nice prices and a wide catalog. Buyers had the ability to source all their medications on a site they could afford.

Mattie Hudson

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