What is canadrx.com all about?

We’re all about our readers! CanadRx is created for people who are looking to shift to online sources for their medicines but don’t know where to go—we’re here to help you transition from purchasing your medicines at local drugstores to reliable online vendors in the market today.

Given the number of online drugstores in the market, finding the right online drugstore to use is pretty much intimidating. You can easily get lost in the sea of online pharmacies in the market, and if you’re not careful, you’re likely to end up getting your money down the drain by purchasing your meds from scam sites.

This is why canadrx.com was born—to help wannabe online buyers to find the suitable online drugstores to use for their generic medicines. Our site offers numerous online drugstore reviews (and several drug reviews) that are aimed at exposing the inner workings of online pharmacies still in operation today.

You can expect our reviews to be highly objective and fair—we can assure you that we have no associations with any online vendor or any pharmaceutical company, and we’re running this site from our own pockets.

Our earnest desire is for buyers to be able to gain as much information as they can from online drugstores they’re eyeing, so in the end, they would be able to purchase and receive the medicines they need without hassle.

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